who am I?

Many of you in the valley know me. Agnes Balmat? Well, I’m the one behind those words. A resident of the valley for 18 years, I must admit that I know more people than my husband, who was born here, in the old hospital as they say!

Dynamic, overflowing with ideas, keen to bring people together, I like to put the best addresses in the Chamonix valley forward through words. I devote myself body and soul to the development of our beautiful and precious territory and hope to meet the expectations of locals and tourists alike.

There are so many good little-known addresses which, in my eyes, deserve a human highlight and close to you, dear readers.

Sharing, helping and writing makes me happy. It is for this reason that it seemed obvious to me to make myself useful and supportive with Mon petit Pass.

I am married, have two children plus this third, Mon petit Chamonix, whom I am delighted to find again after a break to other horizons. Do not hesitate to call out to me if you see me in Charlestine, my essential 2cv!

I will say in Chamonix language : Arvi pa !


Agnes, you really have exceptional handwriting and so funny, love it! Bravo again for your dynamism and professionalism and your smile + + +

Claire, Sun Valley

Don’t change anything and keep your beautiful energy.

Anne, une utilisatrice du petit Pass

Thank you for your job 👌🏼 the idea is great!

Marie, une adepte de Monpetitchamonix

Thank you ! Super feather … you have a gift for always finding the right words. 

Gaële, l’Epicerie des Praz