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When your intention is to achieve the serenity of Buddha, but you are as zen as Bridget Jones, the challenge is great! But Amélie (Yoghatha) invited me to try her Vinyasa (flowsoft) yoga class in the Yuj Yoga Studio room, at La Folie Douce, and I must admit I was amazed!

A unique atmosphere

Yoga à Chamonix avec Amélie

Usually you are in a room lulled by daylight. Very calming, but at the same time you close your eyes for ¾ of the lesson. At la folie Douce, where Amélie does some of her classes, you have barely entered the room when your mind is already far away, in a galaxy illuminated by stars. Closed curtains, twenty candles and a light garland already envelop you in an impromptu Zen attitude.

Then comes the music. But what a good idea to do a yoga class with melodies that transport you, that accompany your postures! Personally, music is an escape from my stress. So I quickly let myself be won over by the flow.

Yoghatha Amélie

In total immersion

Even though I took several yoga classes with different teachers, I always felt bad. I watch the yogi all the time to try to keep up, and I suffer more than I benefit. Well for once, I went through the postures, almost naturally. Okay, I was in the beginner’s course, but not yet a regular fan, it was most suitable.

It must be said that Amélie explains the different movements very clearly. She does not abuse the impossible names of yoga. You don’t come to class to learn a language either! I retained “balasana”, the child’s posture, perhaps my favorite, because effortless!

Do you know what was the hardest part? It’s to reopen your eyes after 60 minutes and come back here and now. How comfortable I was in my starry cocoon, rocked by this perfect playlist!

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