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cinema aux Houches

Instead of moaning on the couch because there’s nothing interesting on TV or your man has a monopoly on the remote, why don’t we go to the movies, right next door and in addition at a lower cost? Yes Yes, it’s possible ; with Le Grand Soir Cinébus Les Houches and its team of volunteers, at the Espace animation in Les Houches.

A session that makes children happy and parents good…

cinema Les Houches

Recent films shown in the beautiful Les Houches room (the animation space) are stamped “art and essays”, released nationally in theaters 5 weeks earlier.

Wait, does that mean that every two weeks, on Wednesdays, your kids can watch a recent cartoon for € 3.5 at 5:30 p.m. and try to win the movie poster? Does that also imply that on Wednesdays, you have an option “press the pause button” which manages their hyperactivity? Just for that, I’ll put a red carpet on the steps that lead to the movie theater. The holy grail is when you come home, feed them, put them to bed, and go back to the adult session with girlfriends. Oh the unworthy mother!

It’s not all fiction in life!

les Houches
Ciné plein air

If you are not a blue flower or a big fan of action films, know that Le Grand Soir Cinébus les Houches also broadcasts comedies once a month on Thursdays at 2 p.m. and on the last Sunday of the month at 5.30 p.m. opportunity to program documentaries with speakers or mainstream fiction.

The room is equipped with a satellite antenna and the Grand Soir offers broadcasts of shows, conferences… and sometimes a play…

For 12 years, the Grand Soir and its partners have been surrounding the valley with the Grolleandski festival “of cinema, humor, music…”. young audiences are also celebrating with the CinémAnimation festival.

As you can see, the Le Grand Soir association has more than one string to its bow. To discover the monthly program, consult the event page or their Facebook pages.

Le Grand Soir

Festival Grolleandski

Festival cinémAnimation

And above all, stop TV conflicts, go to the movies rather than sulking on the sofa!

Local itinerant cinema, animated films, documentaries, national outings …

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Le Grand Soir Cinébus les Houches