Why deprive yourself of a private coach in Chamonix with Body by Marlène?

coach privé à Chamonix

What are the advantages of using a private coach in Chamonix? That’s what I wanted to know when I met Marlene Gullberg. This sports coach, qualified in fitness and bodybuilding, offers home classes and online programs. But why would you prefer a private coaching to a group class? Come on, 10 seconds of recovery and I’ll explain it all to you!

A single watchword for Marlene: personalization

French-English bilingual coach

Meeting with Marlene, private coach in Chamonix

coach sportif Chamonix
coach sportif Chamonix Body by Marlène

Are you ready to discover the benefits of private coaching? First of all, I want to share something with you. Since Marlene’s Instagram account is in English, I thought she was an English speaker. Lost! I was pleasantly surprised when this French-Swedish woman spoke to me in perfect French. Her website is written in both languages, so there is no divide between French and English, Marlene is an “international” professional coach! She gives you the course in the language you want (French or English).

Advantages between private coaching and group lessons

Who has never attended a group fitness class in a gym, or recently, online, behind his computer? Indeed, our body works, our muscles suffer and it’s for our own good! Except that as soon as the teacher’s back is turned, we sprawl on our mat, tongue hanging out. Where’s the mindset here?

Tailor-made without half measures!

Calling on a private coach is precisely to help you keep motivated and boost your efforts. The main reason for choosing a private trainer is not so much that your personal trainer won’t let you down, but the personalization of the course.
After discussing your goals, your level and your weaknesses (if you have any), Marlène will create a plan with customized classes. And to complete the package, she is present at your side, outdoors or at your home. A real life coach, she will make your physical preparation more positive and thus bring you mental well-being. “

Whatever your level of training and endurance, your motivations for resuming or continuing sports (losing weight, building muscle, sculpting a dream body or shaping your figure to love your reflection), Marlène’s customized programs will help you reach your goals!

Private classes or with friends

Private classes do not necessarily mean one to one, i.e. alone with your coach. If it makes you feel better to take a fitness class with 3 friends to 1. have fun and laugh while exercising with your BFFs or 2. Reduce the cost of your sessions, then you’ve come to the right place with Body by Marlène. Classes for 4 yes, but always with a personalized follow-up for each one.

Ah! the cost, let’s talk about it, is that what makes you hesitate to use private coaching?

Is it more expensive to use a private coach?

private coach in chamonix

I don’t think you’ll believe me. With Marlene, the answer is no, it’s not more expensive to have a physical session with a private coach. Let’s unpack her offer!
Marlène proposes a discovery session where you get to know each other and during which you express your expectations. At home or outside, this first contact costs only 10 €!

Individual coaching rate

After this first meeting with Marlene, you will surely dream of a copy-paste of her Barbie body and can choose between :

  • 1 hour home sessions of fitness or bodybuilding per session ➡️ 35 €.
  • 1 pack of 10 sessions ➡️ 300 € (you already earn 50 €)!
  • And in addition, if you have Mon petit Pass, Marlène has a surprise in store for you (see bottom of page) that allows you to save 85 €!

Rate for coaching in a restricted group class

Not convinced? Wait until you see the small group coaching packages:

  • For 2 people at the same time: 1 pack of 10 personalized sessions with Marlene ➡️ 250 €/person
  • For 3-4 people at the same time: 1 pack of 10 personalized sessions with Marlene ➡️ 200 €/person

Come on, put on your sneakers, fill your water bottle and let’s attack! Operation bikini!

Are you more of a wild type when it comes to sports? No need for a coach or a teacher, you can reach your goals alone? OK, so you have a mind of steel, bravo! But don’t you think that a program would boost you even more? Yes, you’ve understood, Marlene has concocted some great online programs! Online yes, but personalized anyway! Explanations.

Online program

programme fitness en ligne

Marlene has developed 3 gym programs, available on her website. I won’t go into detail, but from 79 €, you have access to :

  • 4 or 8 weeks of training,
  • a personalized nutrition plan (developed following questions that you will be asked via the program application).
  • An e-book on nutrition and training (an opportunity to review your eating habits)
  • Video exercises and much more!

You carry out your program alone, but halfway through, Marlene will review your progress with you. There is no room for slacking off! Marlène supports you and motivates you if needed!

So, now that you have discovered Body by Marlène, its spirit and its offers, why would you deprive yourself of the services and motivation of a private coach? A coach just for you, a sports coach at home, what a class! Or, for more emulation, the possibility to follow fitness trainings with a few friends? Are you motivated?

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