Alti’Move, the asso at 100,000 volts

Association danse et fitness

If there is one association in the Chamonix valley that is constantly changing and renewing itself, it is Alti’Move! The common thread is dance, hip-hop, street dance, street jazz, Zumba® and Strong Nation®, which I have tried for you.

A year-round activity

activités sportives à Chamonix

A question torments me: how does Tiphaine, the teacher adored by children, to create and retain so many choreographies? Barely taller than me, this digest of energy supervises toddlers from 4 years old and initiates them into gestural awakening.

Then from 6 years old and up to older, like me, Street Dance and Street Jazz lessons follow one another. This learning of various dances is intended for pleasure, but above all for consecration: the show on the stage in front of family, friends and strangers!

For adults looking for a fitness activity with cardio and muscle building, the association also offers Strong Nation® classes. For you, I went to test!

fitness à Chamonix

” Come as you Are ” !

I went with mixed feelings. Between my probable atrophy of the frontal lobe which prevents me from coordinating arms and legs and my grace to Josiane Balasko in terms of movements, I told myself that I was going to drool! At the same time, it’s not just Zumba®, but a boxing-fitness version of this discipline. So theoretically, between us, Rocky is not gracious …

Okay random and disorganized movements, we don’t care. Tiphaine said: “do what you can, as long as you sweat”! On the other hand, I hallucinated how, even in “edgy” mode, chaining kicks, hooks, lefts, she exuded class and grace! Me, I was a stud … But everyone didn’t care, the atmosphere was cool and non-judgmental. Some were even in disguise!
In short, after 1 hour of effort, sheathing, squats and other agreed tortures, I was red, but delighted!

So come as you are!
The 10-lesson card for the Strong Nation® on Thursday evenings from 7.15 p.m. to 8.15 p.m. is € 90.

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