La Forêt Magique, adventure park

bungees in Chamonix

Accrobranche and bungees in Chamonix

Why it’s Chamonix’s must-see tree park ?

  • The only one of its kind in Chamonix, the Magic Forest accrobranche park has two new features:
    • Bungy (bungees)Trampolines for kids (trampolines with harnesses and elastic bands to make pirouettes easier.
    • The Bungy (bungee) Ejection, which propels you 16 m into the air with the help of bungee cords. An unbelievable adrenalin rush where you get 4G! (Attraction from 1.40 m and 31 kg)
  • 3 aventure course in the trees :
    • Green course for children at least 1 m tall (from age 3)
    • Blue course, from 1.20 m (22 workshops)
    • Red course, from 1.40 m (including 140 m-long zip line)
  • We love the low prices of Forêt Magique !

La Forêt Magique, an accrobranche park in Chamonix, is the ideal activity for families and friends. Whether you’re a toddler or an adult, there’s something for everyone.

Let Cédric, Mathieu or Victor hook you up to their bungee cords in Chamonix and enjoy unique sensations in the valley.

You can even spend the whole day there! Bring your own picnic and relax on the tables, in the heart of the forest, to recharge your batteries between courses or activities. Drinks are available on site (coffee, soft drinks…).

Are you more interested in zip lines, monkey bridges or thrills in the air with the bungee ejector? Whatever your preference, La Forêt magique is the Chamonix activity park where you can create wonderful memories at any age.



  • We love their ultra-secure carabiner system! It’s impossible to open one of the two carabiners unless the other is already attached.
  • Picnics available on tables in the park.
  • Gloves for sale and helmets for hire on request. (Equipment not compulsory)
  • Free parking right in front of the park


  • Ouvert 7/7 jours des vacances de Pâques à fin octobre de 10 h à 18 h.
  • Ouvert hors saison sur réservation.
  • Discovers the differents courses of La Forêt Magique
  • Rates : 
    • Green Course : 9 € 
    • – de 16 ans : 16 €
    • Adult : 19 €
  • Bungy ejection (bungees in Chamonix):
    • 7 € for one take-off if tree climbing course completed beforehand/10 € for 2 take-offs.
    • 10 € for one take-off/15 € for 2 take-offs if no accrobranche course before.

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La Forêt magique, Parc aventure