Amazone Lingerie : Make lace for Valentine’s Day …

Amazone Lingerie

Lingerie store Chamonix.

What could be more romantic and sexy than lingerie for Valentine’s Day!

Who says lingerie, does not necessarily say reserved for women! In fact, at Amazone Lingerie, find chic and sexy male lingerie!

Who would suspect that under his ski suit or his “overalls”, he or she wears sophisticated underwear? Isn’t that the perfect gift?

Refined and sexy in Aubade

ensemble Aubade Saint Valentin
Full set: € 273 (can be sold separately)

Tattoo-effect embroidered tulle set.

  • Bra: 99 €
  • Tanga: 55 €
  • Waist cincher: 119 €.

Nothing dresses him in Aubade!

Boxer aubade homme
Boxer : 35€

Irresistible in Aubade modal cotton boxer briefs.

Amazone Lingerie