MOÖ bar cuisine

Le moo vente à emporter chamonix

The Moö cooks you lunch every noon.

Take away lunch Chamonix.

Dish of the Day

Twin burgers and fish burger

Every day, this famous Swedish restaurant near the train station, cooks a lunch to go.

Find in particular the delicious meatballs!

The Dish of the Day is € 11.50. Two choices every day to discover on their facebook page by clicking on the button below.

Sample menu to whet your appetite:

Cod served with homemade creamy shrimp salad “Skagen röra”, potatoes, peas and dill

Vegetarian: Baked cauliflower, feta cheese, toasted hazelnuts and pickled cucumber.
Served MOÖ style with some salad, bread and cheese

vente à emporter chamonix
Swedish meatballs


Order by phone on 04 50 55 33 42 from 9am.

You can also order via Messenger on the MOÖ bar cuisine Facebook page or on Instagram.


When ordering, let them know what time you would like to pick up your food.

This can be between 11:30 am and 2:00 pm at the MOÖ.

Days and opening hours to check on their facebook page.


Moö Bar Cuisine