Cool Cats Chamonix

fast food chamonix

Cool Cats Chamonix, artisanal hot dogs and Street Food

Chamonix fast food

Succulent Hot Dogs

fast food chamonix
Tasty and mouth-watering hot dogs

Inspired by street food from around the world, taste the most divine and succulent hot dog you have ever eaten.

Local meat, homemade and innovative garnishes, fresh bread delivered by the baker each morning, the Cools Cats menu will make you addicted to Hot-dogs!

Good to know :

  • Cool Cats offers 10% off if customers bring their own food containers.
  •  Also € 1 discount if you choose their homemade falafel in your hot dog instead of a sausage. This is to encourage people to eat less meat on a regular basis in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


fast food chamonix
fast food chamonix


You can take orders directly from the restaurant or call 04 50 54 41 20.


Pick up your meal at the restaurant at the time you decided when ordering.

Open from February 6 from 12pm to 6pm.


Cool Cats Chamonix