Le relais du Pont Maria, 3 in 1: refreshment bar, cheese shop and grocery store in Vallorcine

Fromagerie à Vallorcine

We would make kilometers for the relay of the Pont Maria. Well, it’s a good thing, because it is located in Vallorcine, just before the Swiss border. No need to go to the other end of the Chamonix valley for this snack bar which is much more than that! Up there, you can actually buy good local products because the Relais du Pont Maria is a snack bar, cheese shop and grocery store in Vallorcine.

#1 Refreshment bar, snack, all day long

Produits locaux Vallorcine

Under the leadership of the l’Index Bus and the Fruitière des Houches cheese factory, Le relais du Pont-Maria offers local products that are so good that you will find them in your plate! 100% local with a phenomenal taste!

Located at the side of the road, but next to the Eau Noire river which winds between Switzerland and France, this stop is mandatory, as it is soothing.

Setting the scene:

Buvette au bord de l'eau Vallorcine
  • In the morning, coffee in the deckchairs, starting the machine while concentrating on the river’s flow and smelling its freshness.
  • At lunchtime, a dish of the day or a burger (classic or vegetarian) in the shade of the parasols or under the trees on the banks of the river. Unless you prefer a 350 g entrecote, a salad or a farmhouse reblochon pie… Fast service so you have time for a little nap in the cool.
  • 4 pm : A delicious ice cream from the Tamié farm for a unique snack in a relaxing setting.
  • 18 h ! Aperitif away from the crowd. A good plate of local products or even (let’s be happy) Snails from Magland and organic beers from Brasseurs Savoyards. So cool!
  • 8 pm: Well, we would like to have a burger, on the spot or to take away, no?

➡️  The relay is open 7 days a week from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and soon until 8:00 p.m.! So stop by anytime!

And that’s not all! More than a snack bar, you can do your shopping in Vallorcine, at the relay!

#2 Cheese factory

Fromagerie à Vallorcine

The relay is several small wooden chalets, including a cheese factory. Thibaut, Kevin, William, Sofian or Robin advise you and tell you the story of their products. Having chosen them for their quality and the values of the producers, they are inexhaustible and you, you can only crack!

The new Relais team is a collaboration between INDEX BUS Chamonix and the new managers of the Fromagerie de la Fruitière des Houches, they have decorated the place with their best products.

Le Pont Maria à Vallorcine

We love the wide range of cheeses presented and the many sausages and hams. The cheeses come mainly from here and elsewhere, but cocorico, from France! You can of course buy tomme from the Vallorcine farm, fresh goat cheese from the 3 terres farm in Les Houches, farmhouse reblochons from Perrillat in Grand Bornand and sheep’s milk cheese from the Ayze sheepfold.

But you can imagine that cheese and cold cuts are unthinkable without bread! I’m coming to that, it’s the 3rd good point of the Relais du Pont-Maria, the grocery store. 

#3 Grocery store

Epicerie, ravitaillement Vallorcine

Le Relais sells the fabulous bread from the Argentière bakery, Al’Pain. This means that all the burgers and pies on the menu come from there.

But the relay is not only a deposit of bread, you can buy many local products:

  • Homemade jams cooked in a cauldron
  • local honey
  • terrines from the Ferme de Chalonges
  • organic eggs from the area…

But also, on the drinks side,

  • organic beers and softs from Brasseurs Savoyards (L’Ambrée, my favorite…)
  • Thomas Le Prince organic fruit juices and other local alcohols…

You can also find olive oil and tapenades of very good qualities, but you can imagine, from a little further than our Valley. From Lurs, in the Alpes de Haute Provence to be exact. Also, a beautiful display of French, organic and local fruits and vegetables, when possible, has recently appeared. Carefully selected by the team from local market gardeners.

Refreshment bar, cheese shop and grocery store in Vallorcine

You understood it, in this bar, cheese shop and grocery store in Vallorcine, you can come and do your food shopping or buy a delicious picnic for your hike of the day!

If you really need dates to get to the Relais du Pont Maria, wait for the events and concerts that will take place there in the summer. The scent of mechoui or BBQ will cross the border. But between us, it would be a shame to wait until then, your fridge will regret it! Follow them Facebook Page so you don’t miss anything.

Cheese shop, grocery store, refreshment bar, market in Vallorcine, aperitif by the water, local products

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Relais du Pont Maria

  • Pont Maria, D1506 ( 1Km Frontiere Suisse)
    74660 Vallorcine
  • 07 82 15 92 73
  • relaispontmaria