JARDINERIE DE TACONNAZ : for the well-being of our little animals

alimentation animale Chamonix Vallée

Animal feed Chamonix Valley

My cats’ fridge was empty, so to speak. Where in the valley can you find good croquettes? I hear balanced menus for their fragile stomachs and delicate bladder. So no supermarket bags if I want to avoid “urinary tract infection or vomiting on the couch”… At the Taconnaz garden center, imagine that they have a whole range that would drive our little animals crazy if they saw it!

Full meal and sweets

Jardinerie, animalerie Les Houches

Among the large food department for dogs, cats and ferrets is a French brand controlled by veterinarians: Daniel’s recipes. True animal dieticians, this Daniel has thought of all the scenarios: light kibble if Brutus is overweight or aging; chicken recipe if Minette wants to maintain healthy skin and a beautiful coat, while promoting strong teeth and bones.

What if there were only everyday meals! Just after the department, turning left, I face a superb confectionery department! Want to coax your animals? Here, there is something to spoil them! Cookies, gnawing bones, small cookies, snakies and even gluten-free rice for vegans. Luckily they don’t do shopping with us, they would fill the cart for us!

Attract and observe animals in nature

aliments pour oiseaux chamonix

If you no longer have old bread to put on your balcony to feed the sparrows and pigeons, Goldman advises you to go to the Taconnaz garden center where a whole area is devoted to birds and even squirrels!

Watch the birds approach your window offering them seeds or fat balls they love. What if you allowed them to shelter in a small cabin? Be careful, I am warning you, you will fall in love and discover, who knows, a passion for ornithology…

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La Jardinerie de Taconnaz