Where do you do your shopping? At the supermarket, the local grocery store, the organic store? Are you more of the type to buy your wine from a wine merchant, your cheese from the cheese maker and your coffee from the tea room? You want good addresses for your shopping, here are some!

Good addresses

torrefacteur à Chamonix


Shoukâ, roaster in Chamonix since 2019 makes you melt with pleasure. Chocolate bars made on the spot, coffee roasted in the same factory but also tea room, you will not be able to resist!

épicerie fine à Chamonix

Maison Fleurette – delicatessen

Put an end to your reticence, this delicatessen meets all the requirements. Whether you are looking for a quick fix, a treat or a gift, you are sure to find what you are looking for at Maison Fleurette.

Macaroons and French pastries


How can you not fall for the macaroons, pastries and breads of Côté Macarons? Sit down in this cosy tea room and let your sweet tooth speak for itself!

boulangerie à argentière


Crunchy breads, exceptional croissants, financials to die for, L’Alp’ain, a bakery in Argentière is a must stop! They even have a tea room!

shop de cbd à Chamonix


Le CBD, molécule naturelle prévient de nombreux maux. Le shop de CBD à Chamonix, High Society, te conseille quant à ses diverses utilisations. Ouvert à tous !

traiteur italien chamonix


A ladle of color, a zest of originality and a pinch of creativity for unmissable Italian flavors in Chamonix!