Where do you do your shopping? At the supermarket, the local grocery store, the organic store? Are you more of the type to buy your wine from a wine merchant, your cheese from the cheese maker and your coffee from the tea room? You want good addresses for your shopping, here are some!

Good addresses

boulangerie à argentière


Crunchy breads, exceptional croissants, financials to die for, L’Alp’ain, a bakery in Argentière is a must stop! They even have a tea room!

shop de cbd à Chamonix


Le CBD, molécule naturelle prévient de nombreux maux. Le shop de CBD à Chamonix, High Society, te conseille quant à ses diverses utilisations. Ouvert à tous !

traiteur italien chamonix


A ladle of color, a zest of originality and a pinch of creativity for unmissable Italian flavors in Chamonix!