The link between Boomshakalaka and Cool Cats explained in 3 points

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They did it! Lisa, Ilia and Olivia from Cool Cats realized their dream! Recently, they opened a new skate shop in Chamonix, just a stone’s throw from Cool Cats. In addition to skateboarding gear and other carefully chosen treasures, Boomshakalaka was supposed to offer breakfast on site all day. In the end it was not and to clear your confused mind, here are the links between the two establishments explained in 3 points. 

#1 Boomshakalaka, Concept Store for skaters and moms

boomshakalaka, skate shop chamonix

Didn’t you notice the skateboards painted on the walls of Cool Cats, the kings of cooked hot dogs in Chamonix ? Lisa and Ilia, the two adorable owners of this restaurant that invites you to travel, are two passionate skateboarders.

Their “shack” on rue des Moulins, which looks like a beach hut, has been a great success, so they decided, with Olivia, to start a skate shop in Chamonix.


A Social HQ

shop vintage chamonix

Thus was born Boomshakalaka, in the house at the corner of the avenue du Mont-Blanc and the rue Vallot. A HQ for skateboarders where they can meet, hunt, watch videos of their idols, exchange, and this, whatever their age. At Boomshakalaka, it’s like at the skatepark, there is a respectful, intergenerational and cool atmosphere. 

It’s also a concept store for the non skateboarders of course where you can discover a multitude of local and responsible products

Skate shop but not only…  

skate shop chamonix

Like a tunnel, the shop with its vaulted ceiling has a vintage look, a bit bohemian. You can find skateboards of course, especially those of the brand “Chirve Prod”, made by the local association, Moskateclub, but also many favorites of Lisa and Ilia.

Each product has a story that touches the “parents” of Boomshakalaka. According to their meetings, the shop regularly proposes new products. Whether it’s groceries (see below), clothes, furniture, skateboarding items, each piece is chosen with love because it corresponds to their values. 

# 2 From breakfast to dinner


cool cats petit déjeuner Chamonix

But wasn’t Boomshakalaka supposed to offer breakfast? Yes, but at the skate shop, this proved to be complicated so the project migrated to Cool Cats, mornings from 9am to 12pm.  

cool cats hot dog chamonix

Sit on the terrace facing the Mont-Blanc and get your strength back before going to the skatepark or… to work… Order one of Lisa’s recipes or create your own with an organic bagel made by Romain and Mickaël Bourdillat, locals awarded for their know-how. And indeed they know how to do it… A killer!

Bagels with poppy, comté, wholemeal, plain, with nuts or even Japanese white bread are a delight that you can also buy plain at Cool Cats and enjoy at home.

The list of ingredients includes products sold at the Boomshakala grocery store such as peanut butter or strawberry-rhubarb jam.

Accompany this with a fresh orange juice and a coffee from the Chamonix roaster Moody Coffee Roasters and you feel ready for your day! It’s the best, I’ve tried, re-tried and approved every time, until I’m licking my fingers. 

Lunch and dinner

And for the rest of the day, how does it go? Well, at noon, we put away the Boomshakalaka breakfast card and we fall for a hot dog signed Lisa. Resulting from its memories of voyages, its discoveries and desires, the famous hot-dog of Cool Cats are entirely made house and without additives.

The service is continuous so come and chill out whenever you want on this international terrace. Eat in or take out. Cool Cats also prepares a picnic kit for your day’s hike.

#3 Two eco-friendly establishments

seconde main chamonix

The last point that links the two establishments is their philosophy. Work for the planet and favor short circuits.

At Boomshakalaka, the grocery store features local products such as mont-cocon soaps, candles, flower pots, bath salts or as I said before, the excellent peanut butter.

In terms of clothing, you can find a pair of pants from the best brands as well as a second-hand T-shirt. Once again, each product has a reason to be, a story of heart with Lisa and Ilia. 

At Cool Cats, we find the same desire to work for the planet. A garden where permaculture would be at the heart of the project is making its way. The idea would be to become autonomous in herbs and cabbage for the making of the famous Kimchi. All this, boosted by their compost. 

cool cats chamonix

Good to know too, Cool Cats invites you to come with your own containers to fill them with jam, peanut butter or orange juice. 

Now you know what links the new skate shop in Chamonix, Boomshakalaka, and the Cool Cats restaurant. Beautiful values, good products and a social concept where moms, skateboarders, young people, less young people and even the cracks* of the skate park exchange in all simplicity.

*Boomshakalaka sponsors several local skaters: Jimmy Peresson, Louis Chaussin, Pauline Balson.

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