5 reasons to shop at Sun Valley Chamonix

sun vallée été

Let the sunshine, let the sun shining! This is the song that comes to me when I go to see Claire at Sun Valley Chamonix! Between this bright boss and the summer collection of the brand, I see the sun everywhere! This store of the Michel Croz street is fresh (Claire too ;-)), colorful, and the materials are really top ! Come on, let’s go shopping in Chamonix, I’ll show you around!

#1 No jealousy, collection man woman equal!

où faire du shopping à Chamonix

Where to shop in Chamonix? Start with Sun Valley!

At Sun Valley, no jealousy. For once, your guy can go shopping with you without spending time waiting and huffing and puffing… While you’re staring at jackets, long dresses, tank tops with sequined trim or even a sleeveless down jacket, he’s busy browsing the men’s department.

And don’t think there are three T-shirts chasing each other! No, the Sun Valley men’s collection is just as important as the women’s. Shorts, shirts, hats, glasses, sweaters, you can give your better half a makeover from head to toe.

#2 Classy sportswear style

Faire du shopping à Chamonix

You’re going to tell me what is classy sportswear? Well, it’s comfortable, casual, everyday clothes. Basically, you’re well dressed without being in a suit. Let’s take the example of my blue Sun Valley jumpsuit (yes I admit, my dressing room is quite full of this French brand that I love); if you wear it with tennis shoes, you have a cool look and if you wear it with heels, you have immediately the class of Dallas, well rather “sexy in Chamonix”. Do you understand the concept?

Also recently, I bought my man a navy blue mao neck polo shirt. But how chic he looks in it! Casual with his shorts and flip flops, but really classy.

#3 Soft and supple materials

Sun Valley Modal

Prèt à porter femme chamonix

In the store, I touch all the pieces. Dresses, sweaters, sports leggings, everything is so soft! Claire explains to me that it’s because the clothes are made of Sun Valley Modal, a cellulose fiber of natural origin, extracted from beech wood. Amazing for my skin and for the well-being of the planet! Fluid, light and soft, Sun Valley textiles are really pleasant to wear.

This ecological material is also called Lyocell. Its advantages are multiple:

  • Biodegradable
  • Breathable and resistant
  • Antibacterial thanks to its good moisture absorption
faire du shopping homme chamonix

Down jackets« cruelty-free »

The French brand has values and ethics that we can only applaud. It has decided to stop using feathers and fur in its down jackets. All the beautiful jackets and down jackets you find at Sun Valley have been developed using natural down. Once again, nature is at the heart of the designs.

#4 Beyond the mountains of Chamonix, the beach…

Maillots sun Valley

Ladies and gentlemen, summer means sunbathing. Are you more of a beach person or a balcony person? Obviously it depends if you are in the rush of the Chamonix summer season or if you are off and get your feet in the water.

Whatever the case, at Sun Valley Chamonix, treat yourself to a whole range of 1 or 2 piece swimsuits and swim shorts for men. You’ll also find a beautiful fouta, a guarantee of a good nap in the sun.

#5 Promotions on winter textiles

If you were looking for good plans in Chamonix, here is one that should please you. 

Don’t wait until November to buy a ski outfit! Claire’s offers discounts of up to 50% off and 30% off on down jackets. Now is the time to shop!

If you want to brighten up your life, to wear silky and light textiles that make people look at you because you’re classy, don’t hesitate a second, go to Sun Valley. Shopping in Chamonix, yes, but not just anywhere! Here, you can’t resist their collection or the warm welcome of Claire, the supercharged owner, just like her store.

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