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Master Jackdaw, on a perched tree, held a coffee bean in its beak …
Are you wondering where to go for a good coffee in Chamonix? Hear a roasted coffee with character and aromas to die for? A fair trade coffee with a colorful color so dense that we could read our future in it? In fact, by going to Shoukâ, a new roaster in Chamonix, it is a journey through time and space that I have experienced. Explanations.

Place of character for authentic and benevolent coffee

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I had not been back to this legendary chalet on rue Paccard for ages. And what an experience to rediscover the place, transformed into a coffee shop! Besides flashes of good memories, an exquisite feeling of reborn soul ran through my body.

The cafe is large, but far from impersonal, on the contrary. You are immediately welcomed and your senses do not know where to turn! Tastefully decorated, your eyes will be amazed, especially in front of the chocolate fountain! As for the aromas of coffee and cocoa roasted on site, they will make your head spin. And it is not without amusing the wood jackdaw that watches over the wall.

Fair trade

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This establishment is a small, human company that works with specialty coffees from small farms in 9 different countries. Harvesting is manual (except for one) and the grains are untreated; most of the producers are certified organic. The goal of the Shoukâ team? To be able to go and meet these men and women as soon as possible. I really felt this family spirit, this recognition of artisanal work and this willingness to share.

Torréfacteur à Chamonix

While drinking my Black Diamond espresso from Brazil, I let myself go on the journey. The strength of the past anchored in these walls, the present moment while savoring my beverage with aromas of hazelnuts and dark chocolate; an authentic taste! But I was also far away, imagining myself in a cocoa-growing forest or a coffee plantation on the other side of the world.
Altitude roaster; indeed, I was pleasantly perched like a jackdaw on its branch!

Cocoa factory, large varieties of teas and much more

At Shoukâ, you can experience the roasting of coffee and cocoa live and above all, awaken all your senses at each stage of the production. We call it bean-to-bar, from the bean to the tablet. From the sorting of cocoa beans, from 3 different continents, to the hot chocolate fountain that gets you excited, I can tell you that the experience is dangerously greedy.

Everything for afternoon tea, breakfast and even beauty

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Then over the course of my visit, I enjoyed smelling organic teas. Well I admit, I did not raise the
60 lids for the impressive display. I fell in love with some dried blueberries to add to my morning granola. And then I stopped longer in front
bundles of raw cocoa beans that caught my eye.
Did you know that you can brew cocoa or nibble on roasted beans? If it’s a bit strong for you, I recommend the chocolate pistoles, which will be as delicious in your pastries as your hot chocolates or quite simply, your gourmet crackers.

You understood, at Shoukâ you can:

Le Choucas Chamonix

• Buy your sachets of freshly roasted coffee beans
Grind the coffee and benefit from an exceptional grind
• Provide you with tea, cocoa pistols, chocolate bars
• Find dried fruits, cereals and granola for your breakfast
• Take care of yourself with caffeine-based cosmetics (Terre de Mars, natural and vegan French brand)
• Acquire a coffee machine, a coffee maker, a teapot, a kettle, mugs …

In short, to taste one of the best coffees in Chamonix and discover an exceptional shop at the foot of Mont-Blanc, all you have to do is go to Shoukâ!

Roaster in Chamonix, coffee shop, cocoa factory, chocolate bars, coffee machines …

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