L’INSOUMISE, like a desire to assert oneself!

L'insoumise, shopping Chamonix

Ready to wear Chamonix

Are you more docile or disobedient? You know, I claim femininity in all weather! Yes, here in Chamonix! So when I walked into the charming L’Insoumise boutique, my eyes widened! Let me tell you about my experience in this “very chic” dressing room!

The cocooning shop

L'insoumise, shopping Chamonix

I am ashamed ! 14 years that Marie-Christine has held the Insoumise and I had never dared to cross the threshold of the door! Like you maybe? No sooner had I entered than my gaze made the roller coaster! Suddenly he landed on imitation fur bags, then on thin and shiny bracelets. He continued on to the coats, scarves and the Python handbag! A situation to overdose on envy.

Marie-Christine likes discretion so I won’t talk about herself if I itch because she is adorable. I would just say that his customers are the queens of the store. They can count on her expert advice on size and fit and, if they wish, dress from head to toe!

Quality brands and materials

L'insoumise, shopping Chamonix

The Insoumise dresses all women. There is no age or size to be elegant. Here you can fall for a Karl Lagerfeld T-shirt for less than 80 € or succumb to a more formal Paul Smith or Max Mara dress. A little more expensive certainly, but isn’t it worth buying better, but less?

I was infernal in the shop, I would even say rebellious… I could not help touching the different materials of coats, sweaters, tops… Soft, silky, light, satin, cashmere, silk, wool… my fingers were jubilant!
In short, I was pleasantly surprised.

Affirm the woman who is in you, rebellious, and why not capricious, and indulge yourself in l’Insoumise !

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