Sun Valley Chamonix

getting dressed in Chamonix


Why this is a good address ?

  • Chic sportswear for men and women
  • For everyday use or sports
  • French brand
  • Soft and supple materials (Modal)

You can wear Sun Valley in all circumstances. For sports (yoga, fitness and skiing of course) but also for strolling around town or dining out. An accessory is enough to change your look. Men have a lot of choices at Sun Valley, from fashionable chinos to well-cut jeans, you will make them all fall in love!

Once you’ve tasted Sun Valley, you can’t get enough!


  • Claire’s sincere advice on clothing
  • Recurring promotions
  • Accessories (belts, bags, glasses…)
  • Ski outfits, bathing suits, foutas…

mon petit pass by Mon petit Chamonix

Sun Valley Chamonix