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You know, I love heels and glitters. Italian fashion, the little sartorial detail that makes all the difference. Yes but here we are in Chamonix, capital of mountaineering and thereforejackets and crampons. Well, I say stop to this cliché because shops like Dress Code show that the inhabitants of the valley also have the right to express their femininity!

Dressed in Italian and Feminine as French 

Vêtements, manteaux femme

At the gates of Italy, it would still be a shame not to draw a little inspiration from their culture. So yes, this country reminds us of spaghetti and grappa but we must not take away their certain taste for fashion! And that, Dress Code, in the Galerie Alpina is a wonderful ambassador.

Sometimes I do “raids” in the shops and there I have the throbbing exploding! Tidy by color, the clothes all have a touch of originality. A detail, a material or a cut, here you are far from the big chain stores whose pieces are worn by thousands of people. Here, you stand out, you let your personality speak. Yes from November, I forget the heels to avoid slipping, but for the rest of my wardrobe, my motto is “freedom, femininity, originality”!

Cover up stylishly for winter!

sacs, ceintures, foulards

When your teeth start to chatter and your fingertips turn white, it’s time to think about buying yourself a coat for the winter. At Dress Code, you have a wide choice of down jackets, warm jackets, fake furs and ponchos that just seeing them warm your heart. But who says new coat, doesn’t say new bag? Which one to choose, the choice is just so important. What color, texture, size? There are some on the ground floor alongside other accessories and upstairs!

From XS to XXL plus a few unique sizes, you’ll feel so much like a woman at Dress Code! No need to travel miles to be beautiful every day! From now on, the Chamoniard Dress Code is femininity!

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