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torrefacteur à Chamonix

Coffee and sport go hand in hand! Of course, you don’t have to drink 10 cups! The famous drink helps to improve performance and reduce muscle fatigue. That’s why Shoukâ Chamonix, your roaster on rue Paccard, does everything it can for athletes. Support, adapted preparations and sports events, Shoukâ doesn’t mess around with sports.

A special partner…

Alongside major local events

produits sportifs shoukâ

Shoukâ, the sports roaster in Chamonix, has taken up sports! How could it be otherwise when we know that coffee, dried fruits and chocolate are an asset to increase performance?

The products of the Chamonix roaster were therefore present at the refreshment stations of the Mont Blanc Marathon, the Argentrail and will of course be present at the UTMB! I have the impression that the times are going to show this year!

Alongside an athlete

candice Fertin, Shoukā Chamonix

Shoukâ Chamonix got closer to the Trail athlete Candice Fertin. This local of our mountains loving as much the steep trails as the dark chocolate, coffee and dried fruits is now supported by the sportsmen roaster.

Ce partenariat est bénéfique de part et d’autre :

This partnership is beneficial for both sides:

  • Shoukâ accompanies Candice in healthy products (1st of the 23 km of the Mont Blanc Marathon and the Argentrail)
  • Candice brings her expertise to develop new recipes for healthy pastries, recovery drinks or cereal bars.

A winning duo to encourage you, the athlete, to reach your goals!

Speaking of recipes, a new product to put in your trail bag or hiking bag (and yes, it’s sports too), the energy balls!

The flagship products of the sportsman :

Energy balls

feve de cacao

I tested the assortment of Energy Balls elaborated by the Shoukâ under the advice and remarks of Candice. There are two kinds of balls that give the peach: Cocoa Balls with dates, almonds, walnuts and cocoa nibs from Venezuela) and the mixture of the sportsman containing various dried fruits.

Organically grown ingredients that may not make me win the Mont Blanc cross-country race, but at least give me the energy I need for my high altitude escapades. Tasty and with a good texture in the mouth, I feel like I’m swallowing a magic ball that turns me into Asterix!

Discover also the sportsman’s cake made with antioxidant fruits and quality products.

The 100% chocolate bar

tablette 100% chocolat noir

Good news for the sports lovers, the chocolate dinguos addicted to performance (I want to be part of this group 😉 ! Shoukâ has created a dark chocolate bar for you, not only beautiful to look at [although it is gobbled up faster than you take the time to admire it] with cocoa as ingredients, nothing but cocoa!

0% sugar, cocoa beans and a hint of cocoa butter; in short, magnesium in a bar!

Perfect for athletes, diabetics or simply “chocomaniacs” [chocolate addicts], this 100% cocoa dark chocolate bar from Tanzania is faithful to the flavors of our Trinitario and Neo-Nacional beans. Not too bitter, the taste is surprising and pleasant.

Shoukâ Run


What is the Shoukâ Run? Well, it’s an event for the locals with the support of Candice Fertin.

Once a month, meet at 6 pm at the Shoukâ for a free 10 km race I 320 D+. A Shoukâ – Shoukâ loop. Register in store or by message via social networks. A recovery drink will be offered at the finish. I don’t know about you, but I have an itch.


There’s more to the valley than just running and trail running! The Shoukâ offers yoga classes in the morning. In the store, let yourself go to the different energizing postures and enjoy a healthy breakfast afterwards. Information in the store.

Summer favorites

café frappé shoukâ

Le Café frappé

After a good sports session, or just because you love it, go for the delicious café frappé at Shoukâ. On the terrace, incognito behind your sunglasses, enjoy this fresh drink, neither too sweet nor too bitter. In short, it’s a real treat!

Le Cold brew

Its name is as appealing as the way it is made! It is a cold brew coffee that is concocted in 12 hours! A unique alchemist experience in terms of taste and an incredible exclusivity! Only 3 coffees come out of this strange brewing machine, a kind of still for coffee.

So many novelties this summer at Shoukâ! Sportsmen are certainly popular, but those who are allergic to sports are always welcome. Chocolate and coffee are universal! There are no divisions, everyone can have a cup of coffee and a square of chocolate! And it feels so good!

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