Don’t take that sorry face! Indeed, we are approaching All Saints’ Day but the Taconnaz garden center is there to brighten it all up, and that, Tata Suzanne knows perfectly well …

Flowers that carry a message, but not only sadness 

jardinerie, fleurs de la Toussaint

Every year in the fall, she goes to the Taconnaz garden center for three reasons. Flower the cemetery, decorate her house and blossom like a flower …

My aunt loves flowers and knows all their meanings. His purchases at the garden center are therefore never trivial. When her morale drops like a breath, or Uncle Robert pays less attention to her, she decides to color her daily life.

As tradition dictates, she will of course adorn her brother’s grave with magnificent chrysanthemums. The choice of this sacred plant in Japan is simple, it is hardy in cold weather. But aunt Suzanne is not satisfied with a few jars doomed to be admired only by misty gazes in the cemetery! She wants to flower the garden with a few plants for her.

“You have to cultivate your garden”

Fleurs de la Toussaint

She also has a crush on cyclamen. They will be perfect on his window sills and particularly that of his bedroom … To be honest, this flower would have aphrodisiac properties and would make the uncle much more in love. Ah I can tell you that she takes care of her cyclamen. She mischievously likes to compare the plant to her husband. Perennial, with leathery and fleshy foliage …

Tata Suzanne likes to use Voltaire’s phrase “you have to cultivate your garden”. Coming from her, I don’t know how to interpret it, but the more the balconies are furnished, the happier she is!

Finally, she chooses 12 pots of heather. Besides its reference to the intensity of love that one can have for a person, this plant is very decorative and withstands harsh climates without requiring much maintenance.

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