The Herons Nest, The Float Spa

Spa de flottaison

Float Spa in the Mont Blanc region

Why the Domancy float spa is a must-see?

  • Unique to the Mont Blanc region, this experience lets you discover the powers of weightlessness.
  • Deep relaxation guaranteed. You float effortlessly in water laden with Epsom salt at body temperature.
  • The silence and subdued lighting will lull you into serenity.
  • The Float Spa balances your body and mind, from age 16.
  • This natural technique relieves stress, pain and inflammation.
  • Ideal after an intense sports session or in preparation for a competition.
  • Perfect for pregnant women and new mothers. The float spa is reminiscent of the womb and all the soothing qualities of this cocoon.

A bath, an enormous shell or a cocoon, Annette’s float spa invites you to let go.

The room is beautifully decorated and has everything you need (shower, toilet, towels, shower gel, Uriage® shampoo and even a hairdryer!).

The spa atmosphere is intimate and soothing. It envelops you in a moment that’s just for you, beneficial both at the time and long afterwards.

“Forget time, let your tensions fly away, your body and mind float! It’s a rare sensation you’ll never forget!

Float Spa in the Mont Blanc region


  • Fresh orange juice with ginger served after the session to give you a boost.
  • Think about the gift card ! You’re going to impress the gallery!


  • 30 min floatation: €55; 60 min: €75; 90 min: €90
  • I BOOK online !
  • Free PARKING : 1021 route du Chesney – 74700 Domancy

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