The Crèmerie du Glacier

savoyard restaurant argentière


Why this is a good address ?

  • Typical and historic Argentière creamery.
  • Since 1926, 4 generations, one family, one Savoyard restaurant!
  • Savoyard crusts like nowhere else!
  • Ancestral recipes from Grandma Solange Ravanel.
  • In the heart of the forest, a small chalet very welcoming for families.
  • Here we eat local and good. The products come from the region.
  • Goat cheese from the Vieux Guide farm in Vallorcine, Tomme de Montroc, organic vegetables from Vallorcine, homemade hummus…
  • Fabulous terrace, whose freshness is appreciated.

In the heart of the forest in Argentière, one feels really good in this Savoyard restaurant, once at the foot of the Argentière glacier, the ice has retreated but the Ravanel family has stayed to preserve the good recipes of the past.

Ideal with the family, we like to take the walk that leads to the gourmet reward. At the table of this typical creamery, while the children have fun in a corner dedicated to them, the “bon vivants” are in heaven!

Listen to how the crust crunches! We would go miles for this simple but historic Savoyard restaurant!


  • The corner with games for children
  • The aperitif corner for the adults where the local products board for 2, at 15€, is very copious.
  • The enclosure with the rabbits and the hens
  • We love the homemade lemon, ginger and honey drink. A real tonic potion!
  • Céline and Jocelyn, the owners, are creams


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La Crèmerie du Glacier