Looking for a restaurant with a terrace in Les Houches?

restaurant avec terrasse aux Houches
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Welcome aboard the ” retro resto ” of Les Houches : La KITSCH INN

This summer, go on a trip with the Kitsch Inn ! The restaurant with a terrace in Les Houches and its breathtaking view on the Drus and the Bellevue cable car, offers you a culinary cruise ! The cruise is fun, does it speak to you? Well, the dynamic team of this retro restaurant will make a stopover in different countries through its dishes. Meals to enjoy on the terrace in the sun, during a concert or at home!

An international crew!

Restaurant bonne ambiance Les houches

This summer, we’re boarding the “MSC Kitsch Inn”, a ship on which crew members from all over the world will welcome you! Australians, French, Irish, Croatians, Brazilians and English will welcome you on the terrace or in the dining room with a smile and a delicious accent.

Young, dynamic and full of ideas, they constantly innovate in the kitchen. Dom, one of the chefs who has been in the business for 19 years, is bubbling over with culinary suggestions. Also this summer, the menu will be expanded every few weeks with an international dish

International, from the kitchen to the plate

restaurant original les Houches

Do I really have to introduce you to the Fish n’ Ship, the Camemburger or the Petit Dru Burger? You haven’t tried it yet? No, I don’t believe you! Be careful, afterwards, you’ll be rolling on the floor with pleasure and also because you’re more than full… But who cares, these dishes are a real treat for your taste buds! 

The menu of the Kitsh Inn is varied and of international inspiration. Crave for the Black Tiger Shrimp, the Barley Risotto or the Asian Chicken. The menu adapts to all tastes and diets. 

Love Boat ! 

Board now for an original gustatory journey! This summer, the friendly crew of the Kitsh Inn invites you to discover other countries through your plate! A sunny and exotic culinary experience! Focus on your taste and smell and discover flavors from elsewhere.  

Every 15 days, the Kitsh in will stop in a different country. You can opt for an Egyptian or Brazilian dish or imagine yourself on the banks of the Mississippi… So, ready to board?

Large terrace and exceptional view

Terrasse ensoleillée aux Houches
Restaurant avec terrasse aux Houches

Don’t forget your sunglasses for this trip, especially if you settle on the Kitsh Inn’s large terrace. For the more fragile, umbrellas are of course in place. 

For lunch, drinks or dinner, this terrace is exceptional! Your eyes wander to the Drus and watch the Bellevue cable car come and go. 

You enjoy the moment, the atmosphere of the place… Aren’t we good here? 

The service is continuous (12 am – 8 pm) in high season ; so you can eat at any time and even with live music!

Concerts on the terrace in Les Houches

Claire and Mike, the owners since 2017, are keen to promote local music groups. Summer outdoor concert and BBQ nights are a must at the Kitsh Inn!

The cruise is having the time of its life! Find concert dates on the restaurant’s Facebook page

It will be an opportunity to taste their beers on draught (Pietra, Big Mountain, BMB Cristal….) or their bottled ciders.


Restaurant avec terrasse aux Houches

Sometimes you come home from work or from a hike and just sit on the couch. You’re feeling lazy and not only don’t feel like cooking, but the thought of going out to dinner is exhausting. 

Relax on your couch and order online from the Kitsch Inn. Delivery to Les Houches, Servoz and Vaudagne is only 3 €!

But if you’re feeling energetic, you can pick up your order. Super convenient, the restaurant has a large parking lot nearby. You don’t waste time and can have a quiet dinner, in crocs and jogging if you wish, at home. 

So are you ready to discover the “retro resto” of Les Houches?

No long vacation planned this summer? The Kitsh Inn will fulfill your travel dreams. 

The one if will be culinary, in the sun on the terrace or in a vintage atmosphere in the room. You’ll have a wonderful time with this crew that doesn’t take itself seriously, but whose know-how is undeniable in the mouth! 

Enjoy your meal and have a good trip!

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