Shall we have a restaurant? Yes but which one? There are so many great restaurants in the Chamonix Valley! Fancy a Savoyard specialty, a good fondue, a gourmet menu or just a delicious burger? Here you will find where to go according to your desires of the moment.

Good addresses

good restaurant in Les Houches


A good restaurant in Les Houches where the pizzas on the spot and to take away are delicious, and the view sublime. It’s good at the Saint-Antoine hotel, open to all!

torrefacteur à Chamonix


Shoukâ, roaster in Chamonix since 2019 makes you melt with pleasure. Chocolate bars made on the spot, coffee roasted in the same factory but also tea room, you will not be able to resist!

rainy days in Chamonix


PlanB is much more than a hotel-restaurant, it is a multi-activity space for the whole family.

one of the best restaurant in Chamonix, le Comptoir des Alpes


Treat yourself to the chic of a classy restaurant while remaining yourself and controlling your budget. Le Comptoir des Alpes is the restaurant not to be missed in Chamonix.

French fast food in Chamonix


Unique, l’Encas des Moulins is a French fast food in Chamonix. A high fashion sandwich! On the spot or to take away, a gourmet concept to discover!

Cheese bar chamonix Malabar Princess


One of the best fondues in the Valley to enjoy here at Malabar Princess. This new cheese bar has more than enough to surprise your taste buds!

Wine bar in Chamonix


Bar à vin à Chamonix, traiteur : Ô-Garde-Manger est la merveilleuse adresse des gourmets. Déjeuner, after-ski ou à emporter, tu n’as pas fini de te régaler.