Macaroons and French pastries

Macaroons and French pastries in Chamonix

Why it is a good address ?

  • Because everything is homemade, in Chamonix, and everything is delicious
  • A dozen macaroons in different flavors (classic and original like grapefruit curry or Suze)
  • 12 special breads, 2 crusty baguettes and pure butter French pastries
  • A wide selection of homemade treats made with Valrhona chocolate (gummy bears, chocolate bars, jams…)
  • Tea room with a boudoir atmosphere
  • Pastries and cakes available directly or on order (we especially like the signature cake “Le Chamonix”.
  • Temple of Kusmi Tea [French brand]: 24 types in bulk and 15 in bags, including natural defenses and Inès de La Fressange boxes.

We meet at Côté Macarons for coffee, to exchange in this cosy place, but also to have lunch or a snack. All excuses are good and you would be wrong to resist. Perfect address to satisfy your greed or to make a gift. The risk is to eat everything and to arrive empty-handed…

What happens [what is tasted] and what is said at Côté Macarons, stays in this intimate tea room. Impossible to resist, so why fight it?


  • Personalized orders of cakes, wedding cakes, pieces, pyramids of macaroons…
  • We love their bugnes [February specialties].
  • Breakfast formula until 11:30 am
  • Full lunch formula at 18 €.
  • We love the Golden Milk and the Valrhona chocolate hot chocolate
  • Open 7/7 all year round


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