Macaroons and French pastries

Macaroons and French pastries in Chamonix

Why it is a good address ?

  • Because everything is homemade, in Chamonix, and everything is delicious
  • The spot for delicious breakfasts, smoothies, milkshakes…
  • A dozen macaroons in different flavors
  • 12 special breads, 2 crusty baguettes and pure butter French pastries
  • A wide selection of homemade treats made with Valrhona chocolate (gummy bears, chocolate bars, jams…)
  • Tea room with a boudoir atmosphere
  • Pastries and cakes available directly or on order (we especially like the signature cake “Le Chamonix”.
  • Temple of Kusmi Tea [French brand]: 24 types in bulk and 15 in bags.

We meet at Côté Macarons for coffee, to exchange in this cosy place, but also to have lunch or a snack. All excuses are good and you would be wrong to resist. Perfect address to satisfy your greed or to make a gift. The risk is to eat everything and to arrive empty-handed…

What happens [what is tasted] and what is said at Côté Macarons, stays in this intimate tea room. Impossible to resist, so why fight it?


  • Personalized orders of cakes, wedding cakes, pieces, pyramids of macaroons…
  • You’ll love their signature “Chamonix” chocolate bars and, in February, their moist bugnes.
  • Breakfast menu until 11:30 a.m.
  • Full lunch menu at €18
  • We love the Golden Milk, café frappé and Valrhona chocolate hot chocolate.
  • Open 7/7 all year round


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