LE ROCKY POP : the perfect family compromise

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Like a desire to spend a good evening with your friends at Rocky pop. You are already salivating at the thought of the Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic you are going to taste, after this exhausting week. Yes, but there you go, the nanny has just slammed you in the paws!

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The # 1 restaurant for parents 

No way to miss this evening! Meals, kids and sofa on a Saturday night, the nightmare … Resigned, but won over by the Saturday fever, the Game is not over and you decide to take them with you, fearful that they will spoil you the evening.

Barely installed at the long and grandiose bar counter, my children are hypnotized by the place. Baby-foot, billiards and ping-pong tables on the terrace, indoor games and arcade terminals, how not to lose your mind when you’re their age? Anyway, no time to say phew that they had gone to play together. I, serene, watched them out of the corner of my eye between two sips of this delicious cocktail and enjoyed my evening with friends.

Rocky pop Cocktail les Houches

A restaurant, 3 atmospheres, 3 types of cuisine

My Buddha attitude just gave way to Rocky Balboa’s when I had to take a seat in one of the alcoves that looked like an American “diner”.

Obviously, children were inescapable from video games. A single sentence was enough: “Hop pop pop, we’ll see if you glutton as well as Pac-Man. If so, you can go back and challenge him! “. I didn’t need to add anything, the carrot was so good! They split a cannibalistic pizza in less than 15 minutes and disappeared again.

Unimaginable, we were able to enjoy our evening 100%. To revel in the revisited dishes of chef Christophe Chambost without fuss (the hardest part was to choose, because his subtle menu is a dream), to devour a rocky burger with smoked raclette and remake the world will have been our only concern. Finally, who said my kids were little monsters? No matter what, this hotel is freakishly good!

Reopening on December 4.

Takeaway pizzas and burgers, French and international cuisine

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