Le Boccalatte : never disappointed, always sated!

Brasserie Chamonix

When there is nothing left in your plate, it’s all in your belly. At Boccalatte, it is better to arrive with an empty stomach and a loose outfit, otherwise you will not move from the benches and leave with your pants unhooked.

Spécialités savoyardes chamonix

The brewery of all stories 

100% of gourmets have tried their luck there and come back regularly. Boccalate celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. As much to tell you that its reputation is well established. Lunch on the terrace or improvised dinner, this is the Chamonix restaurant where we like to go with friends, family and even one-on-one.

At the table, the relaxed atmosphere leads to stories to cry with laughter, while the walls of this Chamonix brasserie pay homage to history, with a capital H. Authentic calendar pages of a plane that crashed in Bossons Glacier or photos of the Italian climber Gabriele Boccalatte, it is a place of memory.

Hearty and delicious

meilleure choucroute à Chamonix

Instead of chuckling at the table, maybe we should choose. So there, maximum concentration, because the choice is tough. Between the famous tartare cut with a knife, one of the best in the valley, the gargantuan sauerkraut, the house specialty, the Savoyard cheese dishes which are always tempting, the whole menu is salivating!

Finally, everyone has found their happiness: Savoyard veal cutlet, Périgord salad, snails, and a complete fondue for lovers of tradition.

The flow of speech at the start of the meal slowed down as our bellies started to brush against the table. It is not the plates that the Boccalatte waiters bring us, but the dishes, casseroles, fondue pots. As a result, you really are a winner when you have dressed your plate.

Brasserie for 30 years, Savoyard specialties, sauerkraut, nice view from the terrace

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Le Boccalatte