LA CHAVANNE: “to have bitten off more than you can chew”, forget it, you won’t win!

partenaire mon petit pass

Les Houches restaurant

Who has never swallowed (must be able to finish it), the famous burger, reblochon or goat cheese from Chavanne of Les Houches? Here, forget the adage “to have bitten off more than you can chew,” because Jean-Luc, the owner, does not make in the gourmet portions. Better to make your stomach bigger than your eyes, that is, the empty food reservoir to fill it better!

The must-have burger has stalled more than one! 

les Houches restaurant

Wow! La Chavanne burger! It’s as delicious as it is huge! I tried to go to the end, my gluttony whispering me to finish my plate but the buttons on my dress were going to pop any minute! Ah, of course, Jean-Luc, the boss, does not take half measures! The worker who comes to lunch at noon is either perked up and ready for an afternoon’s work or if he is frail, ready for a nap!
Either way, there is one who is happy, it’s your full stomach!

A little red fruit panna cotta on top and you start to smile stupidly in ecstasy!
Perhaps you prefer the house duck breast or a seasonal salad? Whatever you choose, all products are fresh!

Unless you are cheesier…

Partenaire mon petit pass

After a good day of skiing for the lucky ones or grueling work for others, what could be more reassuring than a complete fondue or an old-fashioned raclette? You know, when the half-wheel, straddled in the traditional device, drips on the potatoes while Gégé, hypnotized by the phenomenon, drools with pleasure. Here is a Savoyard specialty that delights all taste buds!

To sum up the spirit of this historic establishment; locals or tourists, La Chavanne is an essential restaurant in Les Houches! We exchange some gossip over the coffee cup in the morning, have lunch in the sun at noon, change the world at happy hour and end the day with a hearty dinner.

Hotel, Bar, restaurant, Savoyard specialties, brasserie.

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La Chavanne