French fast food in Chamonix

French fast food in Chamonix

Why choose L’encas for French fast food in Chamonix ?

  • Because they have invented a unique recipe, 100% French, which makes L’Encas the must-have French fast food in Chamonix.
  • This recipe is the snack, a traditional baguette kneaded on the spot, baked minute, with homemade fillings at its heart.
  • 7 savory snacks to discover (Indian, mountain, vegetarian…) and 2 sweet snacks.
  • Order on site and take your meal with you or order online and have it delivered.
  • You can enjoy your meal for only 10 € !
  • Fast food service: about 10 minutes waiting time, once the order is taken on the spot.
  • The perfect spot for after-skiing in Chamonix or for late night dining!

The two brothers are the Jean-Paul Gauthier of French fast food in Chamonix. Their snacks are a brilliant and delicious invention, a typical French fast food concept, which will become a “must eat” in Chamonix, and I hope for them, beyond!

But how do they get the filling inside the bread without any trace of cutting? It’s called craftsmanship and love of the product, so take a close look at this snack! 😉

What haute couture is to fashion, L’Encas is to fast food! A seamless sandwich, created by two young designers, Polo and Vincent, who are launching a collection of signature sandwiches, here in Chamonix!



  • Open 7/7 from 5pm to 1.30am

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