Buvette La Floria


Why this is a good address ?

  • Mountain bar dating from 1914, easily accessible for the whole family
  • La Floria is the mountain bar with a thousand flowers and a breathtaking view of the Mont-Blanc chain!
  • Lolo cooks everything (even the pie dough and the whipped cream)! Homemade, fresh and local!
  • Small menu for guaranteed flavors and daily suggestions
  • We love the Floria salad (Diots, tomme cheese, caramelized onions and potatoes) or the crozets gratin with bacon and tomme cheese.
  • Open 7 days a week until September 1st, then closed on Tuesdays until early November.

This historic bar in the Chamonix valley is not called La Floria for nothing! The paradise of 1000 flowers is visible from the bottom of the valley as its colors shine!

People come to taste La Floria, have lunch or just pass by. Families, experienced hikers or trail runners walk on this sublime terrace. It is so breathtaking that people like to lounge in the deckchairs and contemplate the white peaks.

Flowers that color our minds, flavors cooked with passion and a view unique in the world, the walk to the Floria is a must in Chamonix.


  • The Picnic Area
  • Homemade lemonade (lemon, ginger, sugar, sparkling water and cucumber)
  • The inevitable blueberry pie
  • The deckchairs and garden furniture that invite you to relax completely
  • The good mood of Lolo and Coco 😉


🥾2 options to get to the Floria refreshment stand:

📍The easiest route :

Departure from the tennis court parking lot in Chamonix. Cross the Praz road, then the Nants road and return to the La Floria road.

Count between 25 min and 1 h 15 according to your rhythm.

➡️ D+ 420m • 5 km RETURN TRIP

📍The shortest route in distance, but the steepest:

Start in the bend of the Route de Praz, at Les Praz de Chamonix.

⏱ Several possible loops, including a descent to the Paradis des Praz. Beginning of the path quite steep until the recovery of the Petit Balcon Sud.

You can also continue to the Flégère. Count 600 m of difference in level in +.

⚠️ No credit card, remember to take cash and reserve for any lunch.

How to get to the La Floria mountain bar

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Buvette de La Floria