Le Comptoir des Alpes, a classy but relaxed restaurant in Chamonix

Restaurant classe de Chamonix

Here is a classy restaurant in Chamonix that I like a lot. First of all, because you can eat there divinely and because you are served like kings, without the bows. At the table of the Comptoir des Alpes, in the dining room or on the terrace with a view on the Mont-Blanc, you feel relaxed. And when the friendly and humble Chef, Daniele Raimondi, comes to greet you, you can only congratulate him for his inventive and refined cuisine.

Classy, yet relaxed atmosphere

Undeniable quality-price ratio

le comptoir des Alpes Chamonix

I went to lunch at Comptoir des Alpes, avenue de l’Aiguille du Midi because the value for money is indisputable. The Menu du Jour 2 courses is 24 € and the 3 courses, 33 €. It’s hard to imagine when you walk past the refined restaurant, which, by the way, is not only reserved for the residents of the Morgane hotel.

Indeed, the servers are really classy. All dressed in black, their look sets the bar pretty high. And when you hear them announcing the sophisticated dishes, you imagine that this restaurant is way too high end for you. Well, you’re wrong!

Service without fuss

bar Le Comptoir des alpes

When you open the Menu, your eyes widen, because the prices are not as high as you would have thought.

You are greeted politely, but you can really keep it casual, because here there is no bowing or pompous service. A chic, but natural service for all. And I must admit that it’s quite nice to be served by beautiful black three-piece suits…

But you can imagine that I didn’t go there only for the atmosphere, the menu of the Comptoir des Alpes always surprised me and delighted my taste buds. 

A talented chef, a Franco-Italian gastronomy

Daniele raimondi chef chamonix

The Comptoir des Alpes owes its fabulous menu to its Chef, Daniele Raimondi and his kitchen team. His experience with the greatest culinary talents allows him to express his own inspiration. This one wants to be French-Italian.

Everything is homemade

salle et terrasse le Comptoir Chamonix

Here, everything is homemade, down to the ice cream, Viennese breads and mignardises. Every ½ month, the menu changes and new flavors are invited according to the seasonal products. This is also what makes one never tire of this Chamonix table. The recipes and their splendid presentations have earned the restaurant the Michelin plate, a distinction before the guide star.

Signature dishes

At Le Comptoir, there are two dishes that customers are dying to try, or at least, they only come for them. They are the BBQ grilled blue lobster with homemade tagliatelle and shellfish sauce, and the fabulous dessert called “Tiramisu revisited” with roasted coffee ice cream.

To make your mouth water, tiramisu is a cylinder that contains a scoop of roasted coffee ice cream, a mascarpone espuma and a cocoa tuile. Crunchy and creamy at the same time, tasting this sweet is to live a gourmet moment, breathtaking, unimaginable.

The entire menu is refined

dessert comptoir des alpes
restaurant raffiné Chamonix

That lunch, I fell for my favorite dish: perch fillets. I didn’t know that the Comptoir offered them on the menu. The title already made me salivate: “Fillets of perch cooked in a meunière, bean sprouts, small and green beans – butter with lemon confit”. A taste beyond my expectations!

For dessert, I enjoyed a light strawberry and white chocolate tartlet with strawberry basil sorbet. A tasty, hearty, but light menu, I am recharged with positive energy for the afternoon!

The rest of the menu is just as tempting, which is why it is difficult to come only once. As they say, the menu at Le Comptoir has a taste of “return”!

The terrace with a view, like on a small square

terrase avec vue mont-blanc

I didn’t tell you about the view! Installed in terrace, next to the florist and the coffee roaster, we have the impression to be on a small place. The avenue of the Aiguille du Midi is not at all disturbing and relatively quiet. The Must is when you look up and escape to the top of the Aiguille du Midi and even for the daring, to the Mont Blanc.

This setting adds a touch of the exceptional to your dishes.

If you’re looking for a classy, yet casual restaurant that’s affordable for your wallet, but unforgettable in your mouth, book into Comptoir des Alpes. This very good restaurant in Chamonix will delight you in many ways.

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Le Comptoir des Alpes