Frometon, Cheese restaurant in Chamonix

Cheese restaurant Chamonix

Why this is a good address ?

  • The best of Savoyard specialties in one restaurant
  • Fondue, raclette, reblochon pie… from the Val d’Arly COOP
  • Cheeses chosen by Pierre Gay, cheese maker, best worker in France 2011
  • Generous, copious and tasty dishes! We melt with pleasure!
  • A cool, slightly retro, almost clandestine setting
  • A team that takes care of you

Frometon‘s clandestine side gives a very special flavor to these exceptional cheeses. We savor each bite as if it were forbidden to enjoy melted cheese.

This new restaurant next to the Heliopic hotel is sure to melt your heart! To be tested urgently!

A staged burglary… you are made like a rat! You are caught with cheese in your mouth! And on top of that, you come back home with your hands full!



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