Cheese bar chamonix Malabar Princess


Why we love this new cheese bar ?

  • New in Chamonix, this cheese bar is an original concept!
  • For lunch, for an aperitif or for dinner, the Malabar Princess is indeed a bar, but also a restaurant that serves the famous Chamonix fondue.
  • The best fondue of the Toquicimes contest, signed Emmanuel Renaud. A very tasty truffle fondue!
  • More than 1500 references of wines, enough to drive Bacchus, god of wine, crazy!
  • We love the wink to history with this crash in Mont Blanc, this ode to the Malabar Princess, a plane that disappeared in 1950.
  • A glass of good wine, a negroni or a beer, the smell of cheese and a very nice team, there is nothing missing to have a good time!

Malabar Princess, this name that marked the history of Chamonix was missing! Vin sur Vin pays tribute to these victims of the 1950 crash in the most beautiful way possible: a cheese bar where good wine flows freely!

In this new cheese bar in Chamonix, we toast to health, to their memory, to friendship, in a mountain chalet setting where we feel good.

« The Malabar Princess, the cheese bar Chamonix for epicureans ! »


  • Also fall for the pierrade
  • Find all the wines on the menu at the Cave du Vin sur Vin.
  • Exhibition of various pieces of the Malabar Princess, found on the glacier and worked by Josée de Vérité.


🎬 Vidéo soon

Malabar Princess