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Why this is a good address ?

  • New and original in Chamonix this winter: braziers for grilling at the foot of the Mont Blanc!
  • You can enjoy the rib of beef or the pierrade with friends, on the sunny terrace
  • We love the Savoyard specialties with good Alpine cheese, like the raclette with wild garlic
  • Have lunch or dinner at the time you want: continuous service from 12:00 to 22:00
  • The après-ski hot wine at the Kiosk, on the terrace, the spot for daily debriefings, is a must!
  • We love the coffee from 9:30 am, facing the Mont Blanc, in the deckchairs. In short, not too fast in the morning, we save our energy for the after-ski!

When you have lunch or dinner at the M, whether on a terrace with sunglasses or indoors, you can’t help but think of the first guides who braved these mountains before you.

The historical brasserie de l’M, in Chamonix (the Croix Blanche Hotel which adjoins it was founded in 1793), perpetuates their memory. The wooded, mountainous brasserie, straddling tradition and modernism, will delight you with its history and its gourmet menu.

“I like grilled food, do you know how? When they are well done, at the brewery of the M! ” (You sing I am sure). In any case, this winter, it’s operation brazier!



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La Brasserie de l'M