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Sushi, maki, nigiri are not first names or cities in the Levant, but Japanese culinary specialties. While it is sometimes difficult to remember their name, Artisan sushi Chamonix takes care of making them unforgettable in the mouth.

Signature sushi that makes all the difference 

Jérémi Séguda

Friday night, the thought of preparing the meal tires me in advance. And then I want to eat fresh, to nibble, to dine in aperitif mode. It took me 30 seconds for the Artisan Sushi logo to flash in my head!

A 30 piece assorted sushi platter, made with organic, gluten-free products, is exactly what my stomach and even my mind need. Prepared on demand by the no less double French vice-champion of sushi, Jérémi Séguda, his platters are always a true work of art!

More than sushi, a real grocery store

Sushi à emporter

At Artisan Sushi Chamonix, it’s not just your stomach that you can delight with sashimi, hosomaki and futomaki, you can also fill your cellar! When ordering, you can add organic spread, pickled ginger, jars of fish, etc. All organic and homemade.
But above all you should try their kombucha, a drink known to be good for health, made from tea. (Perfect if you’ve overused the spread)

Meticulous in the preparation of its sushi, Artisan Sushi also has a green thumb. On the roof of their lab in Taconnaz, they grow their own edible flowers and aromatic plants in front of Mont-Blanc.

Weekend eve, so we relax, a phone call to the sushi master and your evening is successful!

Open Wednesday to Sunday, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Order until 7:30 p.m. by phone only.

Organic sushi, Take away, Vice-France champion for sushi

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Artisan Sushi Chamonix