MARINE BRAUDEAU, psychopractor

Psychopraticienne à Saint-Gervais

Psychopractor in Saint-Gervais and online therapist

Consult a therapist online or in Saint-Gervais 

Marine Braudeau, therapist and psychopractor in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains also offers online consultations.

Thanks to various main therapeutic tools such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mind-Body Therapy, Marine has many strings to her bow and offers :

  • Learn to understand your emotions, manage them and release them through mind-body coaching.
  • Lift blockages and/or beliefs that lead you into repetitive patterns that you no longer want.
  • To heal your past wounds, your transgenerational baggage or limiting beliefs.
  • To treat and fight various pathologies such as obsessive behavioral and thought disorders (OCD), addictions, anxiety disorders, depression, mostly through CBT.
  • An expert in eating disorders (bulimia, hyperphagia, anorexia, etc.), she will help you regain your health and serenity.
  • Teenager, adult, senior, it is never too late to talk about your emotions, anxieties or disorders!

Relax in her psycho-practitioner’s office in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains or take advantage of her online consultations, from your home (for those who are visiting, it is also a good way to continue the psychological follow-up).

Marine Braudeau is gentle and soothing and inspires confession. Managing emotions is her profession. As a psychopractor in Saint Gervais and an online therapist, she will accompany you with kindness towards healing and mental and physical well-being.

« Daring to talk about your discomfort and/or your problems is already a big step towards healing. Marine will then suggest the best possible approach to find well-being and serenity.»


  • Parking nearby
  • Online consultation possible via Zoom or Skype


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MARINE BRAUDEAU, psychopraticienne