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She reminds me a little of “my beloved witch”. She is “pepsy” and endearing, like her, but not a magician. Rather, it seeks to understand scientifically and develops individual natural solutions.

Bénédicte Ernoult has just moved to Les Houches as a naturopath, practitioner of Global Health *. So new in the valley, but not in the business! More than 20 years of experience and the clients she has supported since its inception, satisfied people, therefore.

For whom, why go see a naturopath?

Naturopathie, aromathérapie Chamonix Les Houches

But let’s talk concretely. What is a naturopath? Well, I’d like to tell you, a modern day druid who uses ancient natural methods with current scientific knowledge.

So for you, I played the patient (which ultimately turned out to be a real consultation). I explained to Bénédicte that I had movable psoriasis. (yes I’m a bit rotten.) Like a health detective, she asked me a bunch of questions trying to figure out the cause, the cause, the cause. (just that!) She leaves no stone unturned, the emotional, the skeleton, the history of the person.

In the course of my answers, she put her finger on possible digestive problems (hey, how does she know that?) And realized that my nervous system had to be rebalanced. It turns out that my liver needs of a cleanse!

Exciting, she puts words on our ailments

Santé globale, naturopathie

A few days later, I received a very comprehensive report by email from Bénédicte. The situation I had explained to him, my habits and solutions to resolve my concerns. A prescription for natural food supplements.

You understand, if you feel pain, a recent or old problem, whether you have an incurable disease, cholesterol or like me, a skin problem, call Bénédicte, she will find you a natural solution to relieve you on a daily basis. (Of course, his consultation does not replace the doctor’s advice because only he can make a diagnosis.)

Healthy eating tips, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, nutritherapy, she has more than one solution in her bag, but each one is individual and personal. Whether for men, women, children and even animals. So what are you waiting for to meet her?

Bénédicte is trained in Naturopathy, but also in Aromatherapy, and Chromatotherapy.

New :

Permanent offer: child / teenager rate up to 18 years old. 1st consultation: € 35 instead of € 50. Follow-up 30 €.

Global Health, Naturopathy, aromatherapy, chromatotherapy …

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