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Why consult a mental coach ? I can handle it, I don’t need a third person to tell me how to live ! Follow a 90 days program, and then what ? No time! No time? And why do we sometimes feel overwhelmed, exhausted, drained and “down in the dumps” for no apparent reason? This is what I wanted to know when I went to meet the sweet and bubbly Valerie Patty, from the Casa du Coaching in Chamonix. Maybe it’s time to take the time to manage your time better…

La casa du coaching, a liberating refuge

l'Académie Européenne Suisse de coaching

Valerie had said to me in her cheerful voice: “come and see me in my cabin”. Intrigued, I went there like a little girl opening a storybook. Once upon a time… a 42 year old woman was going to see a personal development coach… 

After 25 years at Danone as a Sales Manager and trainer of trainees and apprentices, Valérie Patty wanted to use her expertise in consulting to harmonize the lives of others. Certified coach in Geneva by the European Academy of Coaching*, this dynamic woman opened my eyes to what coaching is, a profession in its own right.

In Les Tines, in Valérie’s garden, a wooden mazot is installed. Curious as a goldilocks, I went through the small door, hardly lowered my head given my size and discovered a fabulous den of peace. The light, the atmosphere and the smells soothe you immediately. You’ll think I’m crazy, but I imagined myself as “Agnes in Wonderland”, passing through a door from a hectic and exhausting world to a calm and relaxing one. It was an amazing first emotional sensation.

But why resort to coaching?

Personal and professional growth

There is no shame in going to a mental coach. Sometimes we have so much on our minds that we don’t know how to manage stress and live our lives serenely. I will take the case of women who often have 5 days in one (mother, wife, housewife, boss or employee and a few minutes to take time for themselves…). How can you cope with all this? La casa du Coaching opens the doors to the path of personal fulfillment.

Men can also feel the need to resort to a mental coach. A new position, a managerial support, a desire to assert oneself in a professional environment… So many reasons to dare to say that life tools could well help us to better apprehend our daily life. 

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Here are some of the reasons to call La Casa du Coaching:

  • Improve your relationships with others (couple, parenthood, professional relationships…)
  • Assume your age
  • Take back control of your life and regain physical and mental energy
  • Gain efficiency in the logistics of “career – spouse – children
  • Avoid burn-out
  • Optimize your time
  • Have self-confidence, dare to say no

Nothing to do with psychotherapy!

Relax, this is not about consulting a shrink, but a person, in this case an expert coach, who gives you organizational and behavioral keys. Finding your own solutions through coaching techniques is the primary objective of La Casa du Coaching. Of course, you will confide in this hut where everything stays within its walls, but with only one goal: an essential awareness! 

After a first session, Valerie offers you a tailor-made coaching. She works with recognized tools. By appropriating the keys of this life coach, you will take back control of your life. Serenity, isn’t it the word that makes us all dream? 

And what if this concept that seems so inaccessible to us became concrete by listening to Valerie’s solutions? 

Becoming ecological on your own

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So psychology, not for me, but ecology even less. Stop for two seconds and listen: becoming ecological on your own has nothing to do with not coloring your hair with ammonia products for example! It means: stop polluting yourself and therefore, save yourself. But how can we manage our stress and emotions when we instinctively obey limiting beliefs? This is where Valerie’s customized coaching program comes in as a serious boost. 

The 90 day program

La casa du coaching has developed a 90-day program to avoid mental overload and save your energy. A personal accompaniment to clarify your inner strengths. 

It is for all those who live at 100 km/h, who have thorns in their side that prevent them from settling down. Those who aspire to a balanced life, but who are always borderline. Those who never give up until their body gives up. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, I think it’s the biggest epidemic of the century if I may say so: stress, the race to succeed, the image we send back to ourselves!

A complete 3-month program

contrôler sa vie coaching

Valerie welcomes you in her liberating cabin or by videoconference during 12 workshops of 1h30 per week. In addition to mental preparation, nutritional advice and certified coaching tools, your life coach offers you a coaching notebook and a pencil to record your victories, your progress towards a Zen attitude and control of your life. And to be in perfect harmony between body and mind, the program includes a 21-day energy and wellness breakfast package.

A professional coach for everyone

La Casa du Coaching also offers coaching courses if you are thinking about a professional retraining in this field. Valerie addresses active women, housewives, CEOs, as well as high level athletes with whom she takes on the role of mental coach. Group coaching is also possible with La Casa du Coaching

Training to become a coach

Valérie Patty coach France

Valérie is a guest lecturer at the European Academy of Coaching in Switzerland where she teaches courses to train future coaches in the specialization “business and life coaching“. Ask her for more information. 

So are you ready to take back control of your life? To live your daily life better? There is no shame in having a personal coach ask you the right questions, any more than there is in talking to a private sports coach who gives you the right exercises to do to reach your goals. Without the right keys, you can’t always open the door to well-being on your own. La casa du coaching will accompany you, so why not dare to experiment?  

*Diploma certification RNCP (European nomenclature) level 6, equivalent Bachelor, passed in 2018. The French state has validated this nomenclature in 2020. 

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