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Réaligner ses énergies à Chamonix

Realign your energies in Chamonix

Why this is a good address ?

  • “En Aparté” is an energy healing practice in Chamonix where Sophie practices EFT and LaHoChi
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a psycho-energetic method. Tapping on specific meridians allows to rebalance them and to unload certain negative emotional charges, physical problems, addictions…
  • LaHoChi is an energetic treatment to realign one’s chakras and to restore order to one’s energies.
  • The complete LaHoChi treatment includes a talk, a wellness massage, magnetism (placing hands on 5 points of the body) and a debriefing; about 2 hours of letting go!

If you feel unwell, physically or morally, the solution may be to realign your energies. Sophie is a ball of healing energy. It is impossible to resist her magnetism and the benefits of her sessions. Self-confidence, phobias, anxiety, compulsive cravings, so many trapped emotions that need to be released! Trust Sophie to detach you from these negative thoughts.

« En Aparté is more than an energy healing practice, it is a journey into yourself, an exploration of your emotions. You arrive shaken up, you leave groggy, but realigned.”


  • Price: One EFT session: 50 € / Complete LaHoChi treatment, 2 h: 55 € / LaHoChi treatment without massage, 1 h 30, 45 €.
  • Massage with natural oils chosen according to each problem.
  • Gift voucher possible


What is LaHoChi ?

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En Aparté Sophie Bourchanin