Care center in Les Houches

Care center in Les Houches

Why choose Salon Ely’Hands for your well-being and discover this new care center in Les Houches?

  • Because Elise has 14 years of experience in massage and beauty care and you can feel it right away!
  • Various massage techniques: muscle recovery and/or preparation, deep relaxation, visceral, cranial, fascia relaxation, ayurvedic abyanga, accupressure, cupping, hot stones, sound harmonization with the Tibetan bowl.
  • Anti-cellulite and firming aesthetic massage techniques, circulatory or lymphatic drainage, anti-aging lifting, plumping, draining …
  • Elise adapts to each body! With her touch, she manages to give a customized massage, because she feels what our body needs the most! It’s true!
  • Massages are also for the face! The best natural anti-aging treatment, the lifting and plumping face massage gives a real boost to the skin. Available individually or as a 5-session treatment.
  • Inspired by Indian medicine, Ayurveda, she uses products from the French brand Kérali, with medicinal plants. Her facials are therefore natural, organic and ayurvedic.
  • We also go to Salon Ely’Hands for a waxing, a manicure, a foot care. In short, you can spend half a day there if you wish.

Hands of fairies, firm or tender according to your preferences. Cups or stones, massages or beauty treatments, in the Ely’Hands salon in Les Houches, Elise relaxes you, eases your tensions and takes care of you.

The old medical office in Les Houches is getting a makeover. Discover this new care center in Les Houches, where massages, aesthetics and osteopathy are combined.

You dream of a massage, but you don’t know what you need? Elise’s hands will tell you! Customized massage is her specialty, and for sure, you won’t be disappointed!


  • Elise uses the brand Kérali,formulated without water (far too present in cosmetics in general) and composed of medicinal plants.
  • These products are also for sale in her salon.


  • Elise trained in aesthetic/cosmetic BTS then throughout her professional career thanks to beautiful meetings and professional trainings as well as ayurveda, in India, with doctors and therapists. Her profession is a passion, a vocation.
  • Her salon is located in the new care center in Les Houches, currently under construction. Soon a whole panel of professionals of care and well-being will settle there around a new name.

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