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I passed the old Les Houches medical center very often and had noticed the new “Wellness and Nutrition Space” sign, but I had never dared to enter.
Curious, I made an appointment with Aude Boyer, who offers massages and energy treatments.

Take the time to access the bars …

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In this well-being and nutrition space, works a woman connected with the ailments of others, Aude Boyer.
She provides energy healing, which is obvious when you meet her, because she uses her own energy, and that is saying a lot … she is more than renewable!

So I tested the Access bars® method provided by Aude.
Do you think I needed help getting to the bar? But no, it is not about that of course! Bars are points located on the head. Numbering 32, they have nothing to do with acupuncture points.

A method that allows you to find a balance

Lying on my back for about 1 hour, she put her hands, finally her fingers, on strategic points of my head. And there when I told you about gold near you, I can assure you that Aude has it in her hands!
I felt like my head was a ball of light, you know, the one that, when you put your hands on it, draws rays of energy to your fingers. Hence the name “bars” because it feels like energy bars in the head. True!

massage les Houches Chamonix

All over the place lately, my head full as a watermelon, I’ve been through a sort of hard drive cleaning!
I came out stunned and above all super zen! The following weeks I knew exactly what to do and everything was much more crystal clear. I had found my balance thanks to this work on the “bars”, unlike the one you can lose in bars … Are you following me?

Take a look at Aude’s website:, you’ll see, she has more than one string to her bow! Sports massages, Thai and Amma Seated, but also energy facelifts, dare a moment of well-being.

Relaxation massages, sports recovery, Access Bars®

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