AUDE CHAUVELIER, a Korean-inspired energy journey

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Welcome aboard the Aude Chauvelier flight to Asia. Departing from Bossons, we will cross some disturbances, magnetic zones and meridians; but with only one goal: to arrive in a body rebalanced in energy.

A Personalized Massage Treatment 

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Aude’s many experiences in a spa, alongside physiotherapist or osteoarthritis, and certainly her Korean origins have shaped her a unique method. In addition to slimming, draining, relaxing or sports massages, she is particularly gifted in energy, neuromuscular and magnetism massages.

When I met her, without telling you my life story, I was coming out of an emotionally very complicated week. I didn’t tell him anything and let him do his diagnosis. Incredible, this feeling of magnetic waves, soft between his hands and my body! Without even knowing me, she guesses me. My throat and bowel worries, my outings walk without stretching behind… In short, I’m an open book without saying a word!

Pressure Points to Release the Pressure

Aude Chauvelier

She then moves on to phase 2: work on vital energy and meridians with shiatsu. How strange, all the points she presses are painful. As if she is putting her finger where it should be … And she explains your ailments to you. Massaging the internal organs (Chi nei tsang), those of the stomach (our second brain) is like brainwashing. The battle against trauma and blockages is on and I hope to win it!

Let’s let time take its course from now on, after a big hour of magnetism, deep massage and shiatsu points, I’m zen and empty, I would even say “washed out.” I hope cleared of my blockages and bad energies, I leave delighted by the experience.

A sofa for a Korean Relaxation Operation

The more modest will be delighted! Aude will receive a futon in order to be able to practice shiatsu and Korean relaxation on the ground, dressed! Let yourself be surprised by how easy it is to relax your muscles and let you let go!

Massages, energetic and aesthetic treatments, magnetism, shiatsu

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