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Why this is a good address ?

  • Because Aude relieves pain, relaxes and reboosts your body and mind!
  • Global treatment: a mix of energetic massage, magnetism and acupressure on specific points.
  • Various massages according to your desires:
    • Korean relaxation and small shiatsu (Unique protocol on demand.) It is a massage on the floor, on Futon, without oil.
    • To relieve pain (tendonitis, migraines or low energy): energetic care or personalized massage
    • For athletes: World Massage (Neuromuscular massage): Thai, Swedish, Ayurvedic…
  • Aesthetic care
    • ➡️NEW in Chamonix : Facial care GEMOLOGY® (A facial with a massage with semi-precious stones using products with micro-particles of semi-precious stones).
    • Eyelash enhancement, extension and tinting
    • Automaquillage course
    • Beauty package for weddings.

When things go wrong, whether in your body or your mind, think of Aude Chauvelier. I truly believe she has a gift. Her massages and energy treatments give impressive results.

Close to the elements and nature, it is logical that she turned to the brand Gemology® for her beauty treatments in Chamonix to fight against aging with oligotherapy!

The sessions at Aude’s office are much more than well-being, they are a rebirth of the self. (I can tell you this because I have tested and approved several times).


  • Sale of GEMOLOGY® cosmetics (French luxury brand of mineral cosmetics)
  • Choose a ritual (massage of your choice + facial – 110 min)

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