I pushed the doors of a 5 star residence in Chamonix!

résidence 5 étoiles à Chamonix

We all pass in front of this 5 star residence in Chamonix. I mean the Cristal de Jade, next to the Aiguille du Midi cable car. Yes, but here we are, we just pass by and imagine that we can bask in it. Why do you ask? Because we live in the valley and it seems unthinkable for us to stay there! And if we were wrong? What if we could at least access the Pure Altitude© institute of the residence? Read this article, you might be surprised…

Institute open to all

Le Cristal de Jade Chamonix

Pure Altitude© eco-responsible products 

So I was lucky enough to walk through the doors of this 5-star residence in the heart of Chamonix. In fact, you can also take this chance, because the institute (not the spa, but we’ll come back to that) is open to everyone, including people who don’t live in the residence. Beyond the luxury of the spaces, I especially noticed that the institute uses Pure Altitude© wellness and beauty products.

Institut Pure Altitude Chamonix

I love this brand with the sweet scent of edelweiss, a rare flower from our mountains, almost sacred and beneficial for the skin.
What could be better when you are at the foot of Mont Blanc than taking care of yourself with natural cosmetics from the mountain environment and, what’s more, grown on organic farms?

The brand’s products are used for skincare and beauty treatments, but also available for sale. You’ll see their range! A whole shelf of cosmetics for men, women and children. You want to please your whole family! Finally, if you really love them, to really please them, offer them a massage in this prestigious place.

Massages and treatments

Soin Pure Altitude Chamonix

The second great discovery is the Cristal de Jade’s treatment menu. From the 50 € scrub to the 300 € ritual for two people, there is something for everyone. Here are some that caught my eye. 

Face care

I spotted a frosty radiance treatment that promises an instant glow. Mom was feeling under the weather the other day and this is exactly what she needs. Plus, if I give her this facial, I’m really going to score some points…

The Liftalpes anti-aging facial to restore firmness and radiance also appeals to me, but it will be a gift for another occasion. Unless I fall for it myself in the meantime.

Scrubs and body care

produits pure altitude

The body care like snow is really intriguing. It is a snow crystal (in this case sugar) scrub that cleanses and exfoliates the skin.

The light legs treatment is also very appealing during the summer. Menthol acts on the microcirculation to relieve heavy legs. And as an added bonus, while your legs are being wrapped, the practitioner massages your scalp and face!


massage luxe Chamonix

As for the body massage, the one with the mountain balsam reminds me of a dive in the nature, an immersion in the mountains. Comforting and rejuvenating thanks to its essential oils, this treatment brings you a deep muscular relaxation.

You prefer a soft warmth that envelops you, as if you were relaxing by the fireplace of a typical Savoyard chalet? Then opt for the candle massage with the scent of snow flowers, you will leave with soft and moisturized skin.

Good news for mothers-to-be, the Cristal de Jade Institute offers you a prenatal massage. Gently, give yourself a moment of relaxation adapted to pregnant women, before living a few eventful nights …

Finally, I couldn’t pass up the MGM signature massage with jade stones. This stone, sacred in China, relieves tension and soothes your mind thanks to the benefits of lithotherapy.

Rituals for two

massage à deux pure altitude

You didn’t know what to get your mom, husband or even your daughter for their birthday. Well, here is a chic and relaxing gift idea. The massage and treatment rituals for two. Either you offer the ritual for two people, or you also enjoy it and accompany the recipient of the gift. Clever, isn’t it?

In any case, as a couple or with a girlfriend, the ritual includes a facial, a massage and champagne to be enjoyed in the sumptuous relaxation lounge.

There is also a mother-daughter ritual (for children between 8 and 13 years old) and father-son. An opportunity to share an unforgettable moment with your family in the heart of a luxurious space. Of course, with children, no champagne, but fruit juice and dried fruit.

What if we spent the night there? 

Pure Altitude à Chamonix

Frankly, just because we live here doesn’t mean we can’t spend a weekend in a 5-star residence in Chamonix! To reserve one of the 50 apartments ranging from 40 to 230 m2, all you have to do is stay two nights. Friday and Saturday for example, do you follow me?

Imagine two days of relaxation, just a stone’s throw from your home, but in a prestigious location. A vacation at home in a way! As for vacationers who plan to come to Chamonix, without a doubt, they will experience a magical week at the Cristal de Jade.


Access to the Spa Montagnes du Monde

Spa Pure Altitude Cristal de Jade Chamonix

If you stay at the Cristal de Jade, you can access the spa whenever you want, like a VIP, as it is not open to outsiders. The wellness area is fabulous and spacious. Heated indoor pool, paddling pool, Sauna, Hammam and whirlpool provide you with absolute relaxation.

If you live in the Chamonix valley, ask for your petit pass and discover your advantage below:

Click above to discover the exclusivity reserved for card holders!

So what are you waiting for to push the doors of the Cristal de Jade, the 5 star residence in Chamonix? 

Le Cristal de Jade