Upcycling : Déco et objets recyclés à Chamonix

Decoration and recycled objects in Chamonix

Why you should be interested by upcycling ?

  • Manufacture of small furniture and decoration from everyday objects. (rack of the Montenvers, skis, skates, ice axes…)
  • Second life given to materials destined for destruction or recycling.
  • Promotes a more sustainable and responsible circular economy.
  • Your recycled objects keep their soul, their history.
  • Very original and design for an incomparable decoration !
  • Personalization of professional objects, awards, gifts to offer… (engraving on leather, mirror, glass, wood…)

Upcycling is the transformation of materials or objects into a unique piece, whose destination and use has nothing to do with its original function. It is a kind of reincarnation of the object, which allows to personalize a piece of its own history in a new piece of furniture of the everyday life or decoration.

Franck is a magician in this field, but beware, he might make you materialistic, because you will literally love your new object!

« Upcycling, it’s the art of transforming a pair of skis or a skateboard into a table, a bench, a shelf that takes you back to pleasant memories every day… » 


  • Perfect gift idea, realization of medals, trophies, cutting boards…
  • Customization and personalization possible on any object (existing or created by Upcyde)
  • Laser engraving of logo, portrait, first name…
  • Bring your old objects to give them a second life
  • Franck creates according to your tastes, your history.

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