The hidden side of CHEVERNY

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You all know this shop in Paccard street, Cheverny, the temple of cooking. From the peeler to the design raclette device, to colorful dishes and boxes, it’s hard not to fall in love. But did you know that upstairs is the living room that is in the spotlight?

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Are you kitchen items master or sofa guardian? 

For lovers of cooking, gourmets who like to cook or those who are only the kings of dinner aperitifs, at Cheverny we find all kinds of kitchen items. I almost want to tell you that the first floor is a housewife’s paradise (nothing pejorative about it).

Upstairs, it is rather the gentleman who goes there to choose his best ally when the lady prepares the meal: the sofa! OK, I’m a bit stereotypical there, sorry … Anyway, the more curious who went upstairs are always pleasantly surprised.

The cocooning and contemporary decor floor

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After a few steps, the frenzy of casseroles and multiple cooking recipes that come into our heads gives way to appeasement. From the sofa that opens the arms of Morpheus to you, to the coffee table adorned with a modern deer (in other words the antipodes of kitsch), your future living room is there, before your eyes.

Your gaze is caught by the contemporary decor. Chandeliers, hooks, tables and designer lounge chairs, without being too avant-garde, make you want to revamp your home. Why deprive yourself since Cheverny offers you delivery?

This discovery makes me want to reverse the roles: darling in the kitchen, and me, in my “cocoon living room“. What do you think ? For those who have a Chef at home, (the lucky ones), give him at least a place on the armrest and, if he insists, a nice cushion

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