JARDINERIE DE TACONNAZ: Discover their magical space!

achat Décoration de Noël Chamonix Les Houches

You could say it’s a bit early for the Christmas decorations. For my part, the ambient gloom of this year is starting to run over me and I really want mirth, joy, magic. Also, as Christmas approaches, when this one might not be like any other before; The desire to create a cozy and little protective cocoon for myself led me to the Taconnaz garden center, to discover their enormous Christmas decoration department.

Christmas Magic Like Nowhere Else

décoration de Noël

So there, I did not expect that! What a wonderful surprise! I took a real slap when I entered the garden center in Les Houches, well, rather a gentle caress. Like a calming balm, the sound of Christmas carols instantly transported me to Rockefeller Center in New York. As if this place were the benchmark in terms of Christmas magic; I may be watching too much TV … Still, my eyes really widened and I put on a childish blissful smile.

Without lying, the entire entrance to the garden center is devoted to Christmas decorations. Tastefully presented, poles apart from kitsch, I didn’t know where to turn!

Everything to Decorate Your Home

achat boules, guirlandes

Are you more of a bright outdoor with flashing garlands and lighted animals? The garden center has a wide choice in this area, you could shade Disneyland and make passersby dream!

As for ornaments, balls, garlands, stars, little characters, all tastes and colors are on the shelves! As for the urge to adopt a little polar bear, who would pose proudly by the fireplace to ensure the carefree arrival of Santa Claus, it is downright irrepressible!

Don’t wait, you will see, it will give you a lot of good! A little magic bath at the Taconnaz garden center seems the ideal remedy these days.

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