L’ÉPICERIE DES PRAZ, plan a large basket, you will not be able to resist!

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The Epicerie des Praz resonates with me like pleasant memories of a little girl who went to the corner of the street. We went there to buy a package of pasta or bread, but mostly to chat with the grocer. This local store in Les Praz exudes the same values of community and tradition.

The paradise of local products

Epicerie des praz

Gaële is a bargain hunter. Oh no old knickknacks, quite the contrary! The grocer of Les Praz is a great connoisseur of local producers! In her tastefully stocked shop, small certainly, but surprisingly rich in various products, you can find everything!
Chocolate from Les Praz, Gin from Saint Gervais, honey from Vaudagne, as well as handmade ceramics, herbal teas dried in the area, organic soaps, and much more; from the surrounding area.

I had gone to buy a bunch of buckwheat crozets there and I was literally spellbound. I didn’t know where to turn, my eyes scanned any original object. I have succumbed to several local food items, including a beer from the valley, and cheese. But not only…

Cadeau, déco, Les Praz

A gift to offer ? It’s here !

I don’t know if it was the atmosphere of the grocery store, but it feels so good that I easily stay there for an hour each time. It must be said that Gaële has a very good taste! The gift ideas that she puts on the shelves are very original and attractive! I am particularly fond of bottoms glass, very contemporary deco.

I also like its beauty-well-being department, which offers organic and natural skin care products. From soap to candles that cleans the ears, to solid deodorants, it’s hard to resist the urge to do something for the planet.
In short, for me the # 1 convenience store in the valley!

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L'Epicerie des Praz