FLEURI’CIMES : The power of flowers within everyone’s reach

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Beyond their beauty and fragrance, flowers have an invisible power. The one to please, to provoke smiles and to beautify. You don’t have to be a superhero to have this power, just go to Fleuri’cimes.

From proof of love to event decoration 

Fleuriste Chamonix

Have you ever dreamed of going home and discovering your cocoon entirely decorated with flowers? A huge bouquet in a vase, petals on the bed, at least a little touch to remind us that he loves us. The last bouquet I held was from my wedding

Pfff, I guess they believe us all blooming like flowers so that our men fail to concoct such a surprise for us. Failing to be offered a magnificent floral arrangement, inhale its fragrance and appreciate its colors, I therefore advise you to stop at Fleuri’Cimes!

Emmanuelle and Andréa open the doors to their paradise with a thousand flowers and plants! A magical place where the art of decoration skillfully blends with the know-how of two young women. From the gift to give to friends who invite you to dinner, to the total flowering of your wedding venue, these artists – florists will amaze you!


If you don’t receive any, give it away!

Just because I don’t get flowers, doesn’t mean I don’t love giving them.

I wanted a huge bouquet for my mother-in-law (because she is worth it and because before I was the one who gave up my husband’s bouquets without special occasion, she suffered the same fate …).

It is a sparkling bouquet of colors that I offered her, making me as happy as if it were me who had received it… We console ourselves, as best we can… In any case, she was delighted and I took points…

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