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If you think that the Cheverny store in Chamonix is only the realm of apron-wearers who have a blast at the stove with their panoply of utensils, you are wrong! From the garden to the kitchen and the living room, this store on rue Paccard has a multitude of objects, appliances and design furniture for the whole house. For a modern and cocooning home, find the new decorating trends at Cheverny!

We take care of our exteriors 

transat pôdevache

Before entering your home sweet home, let’s stop for a moment in your garden, or on your balcony. But where did you find that fabulous deck chair printed with gondolas? And those outdoor ottomans and cushions? I love the modern and colorful vibe of your space!

Well, it all comes from Chamonix’s must-have home decor store, Cheverny.

Find the latest decoration trends with the brand pôdevache®. Easy to remember, right? Their creations and French manufacturing are irresistible! Specialist in vinyl rugs and placemats, we love the Chamonix set, imitation mosaic.

A modern and responsible kitchen

contenants en plastique recyclé

Let me see your kitchen now! Considering the modernity it gives off, you’re going to tell me that you also bought your food at Cheverny? Of course! Why go for a walk in the park or surf the net when you have everything you need, and right away? 

A Zest of Recycling

These recycled plastic pots, salad bowls and pitchers are amazing! It looks like ceramic! They are strong at Guzzini® (Italian brand).

A ladle of bulk 

passer au vrac chamonix

And your glass containers with their bamboo lids, I love them! Pebbly® is all about bulk! It’s really nice to have your pasta, rice and flour in pretty clear jars! And when you take them to your store for refilling, it always looks good! Switching to bulk really reduces your waste. A ladle of bulk is not much, but it really weighs in the ecological balance!

You can also find bulk bags, the new essential for responsible shopping.

A daily thought for the planet 

It’s impossible to leave for work or a hike without your insulated water bottle. Forget about plastic bottles and choose the Derrière la porte® brand with its triple advantages:

  • reusable
  • keeps fresh for 24 hours
  • keeps warm for 12 hours

In addition to being practical and washable, the colors of this collection guarantee you a good mood. Oh dear, this could be a good gift idea for some…

The small appliance paradise


To complete the modern and design look of your kitchen, do not skimp on the appliances. I mean, the toaster, the coffee maker, the kettle, the mixer… It’s so classy when the whole thing is coherent. When the colors add to the efficiency, it’s still more pleasant to cook, isn’t it? With Cheverny, your small everyday appliances become real decorative objects!

And know that if you don’t see what you need, you can order! I’m thinking of vacuums, hair dryers, straighteners, irons…)

Everything for the bakery

It’s no easy task to find the ideal mold, specific to this or that dessert. Connoisseurs know what it is! At Cheverny, pastry is in the spotlight. Whether you’re a budding pastry chef or an experienced one, here you’ll melt like butter in the impressive department devoted to cakes, entremets, tarts and even ice cream!

A living room just as design!

rideaux coussins chamonix

Well, sit on my beautiful couch that I had delivered by Cheverny! Yes, again! But how comfortable! And these cushions, matched with your curtains, superb! Frankly I have no words! This store is much bigger than it looks! In one place, you can make your home, a modern cocoon, colorful and trendy where we feel good. Furniture, interior decorations and even lighting, everything is there! 

And if I understand correctly, you can share it with your friends… 

Gift ideas by the hundreds!

idées cadeaux Chamonix

Indeed, when it comes to gift ideas for family or friends, you can’t go home empty-handed. There is bound to be a trendy decorative object (cushions, decorative animals, candles or metal boxes) that will fill you with joy. 

Finally, any gift can be a souvenir, especially when the print is of deer, gondolas, mountains or even better, when it says Chamonix

If you’re on the lookout for the latest decorating trends, if you dream of a modern, designer home, just like the magazines, think of Cheverny in Chamonix! You don’t need to be a professional decorator or interior designer to feel good at home and make your friends and family laugh, just go to this store on rue Paccard!

 Take a look at their online store!

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